5 Skincare Tips to Clean, Unclog & Minimize Large Pores

We’re back with another pore care video to share our favorite pore tightening & cleaning tips to minimize the appearance of pores 💕 Thanks to Clarins for sponsoring this video! Want to know which serum suits your skin type? Take the quiz: https://clarinsskinsolutions.com/#

One of the biggest reasons we get acne and breakouts is because of clog pores, so learning the proper ways to keep our pores clean and make them appear smaller is important for poreless looking skin! Check out the video and leave us any questions below 😊

1️⃣ [1:11 – 3:43] What are #Pores?
2️⃣ [3:44 – 6:04] Face steaming
3️⃣ [6:05 – 9:03] Extraction
╰ Extraction tool https://amzn.to/2Nz7lFk
4️⃣ [9:06 – 13:48] #Skincare
╰ [12:20 – 12:44] #DrySkin tips
╰ [12:45 – 13:48] #OilySkin tips
5️⃣ [13:49 – 19:41] Sugar, hormones & large pores

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20 thoughts on “5 Skincare Tips to Clean, Unclog & Minimize Large Pores

  1. It's true, fruit juices and smoothies are often just as bad as soda. My dentist tells me even chocolate milk and beer is okay. It's best to stick to milk and water for both your skin and teeth

  2. I never drink soda, have sweets once a month or so but this year I've been going ham on the sweets and my skin is starting to break out for the first time in years! 😭

  3. Thank you so much for this video!! My skin is my the biggest reason why i have extremely low self esteem, so I'm gonna try these few tips and hopefully things will start to clear up a bit 😁👍

  4. I am a huge sugarholic so I try to not keep things at home unless it’s something with simple ingredients that I have to bake from scratch OR in most cases I have to go out of my way to get it…which adds up, and as a professional cheap scape can be a pretty good deterrent 😂

  5. It's so hard because I can only use raw materials for my skincare. There is coconut and its ten billion derivatives in literally everything these days. I've had to make all my own skincare, yet all the things I know I need for my skin are on the serum you mention, it's so frustrating xxx

  6. I literally don't produce any oil but dead skin cells. And I still have acne. I don't consume much sugar. Wth is wrong with me aH

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