Acne Back Treatment

Acne Back Treatment

Hello YouTube Family.💜
This pt came in with complaints of Acne breakout on his back along with problems with blackheads. He has scarring due to his severe case of acne- Grade 4. Because he is a teen his parents decided not to put him on Accutane due to the risk factors and side effects to this drug.
He was not pre treated with any homecare regiment prior to us treating him which would of made extractions alot easier. We did use a 20% glycolic before we started extractions to presoften the lesions.

He does not live here in Killeen, therefore we won’t be seeing him any time soon but when he comes into town we will definitely be treating his skin again.

Thank you for your support and patience with us as we try to up load more video. Like always I totally adore you guys.
Love my YouTube Family.💜 Enilsa Brown

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20 thoughts on “Acne Back Treatment

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  3. This video may be 2 years old…. But it's a firm favorite of mine. Christian you have a back that many….MANY, of us popaholics wish our partners/husbands had 😍. Great job Enilsa ❤ xx

  4. I dont understand why this woman insists on using those damn q tips. They are made for cleaning your ears. She should be using the cup extractor. Lot less pain and more effective

  5. Very curious at what is thought about pulling the skin taught before expressing the pore as I would think as a nurse myself that it would in fact work against emptying the pore at times. I know myself in needing to clean puss and infection of a small wound puking the skin taught is the worst thing to do as it closes the opening. I know it may give better grip for you but not working at well as if the skins loosened a bit. Also we are taught it causes stretching and damage to the skin itself.

  6. It’s not a 27 and a half gauge needle … those do not exist . I think you mean a 27 gauge needle which is half an inch long

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