Bye Bye Belly Fat! Ultimate 20 Minute Abs with Sanela! Ab Workout, Exercises at Home, Beginners

Bye Bye Belly Fat! Ultimate 20 Minute Abs with Sanela! Ab Workout, Exercises at Home, Beginners
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Bye Bye Belly Fat! Ultimate 20 Minute #Abs with Sanela! Ab #Workout, #Exercises at Home, #Beginners

Join Sanela for the ultimate six pack workout to help you tone and tighten your tummy and help you get that v cut and flat belly. These home exercises for the core and abdominal muscles will also target love handles, muffin top, etc. It’s a 20 Min Belly Fat Blaster!

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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20 thoughts on “Bye Bye Belly Fat! Ultimate 20 Minute Abs with Sanela! Ab Workout, Exercises at Home, Beginners

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  2. Hiiiii my name is mariam and I’m 12 years old. I’m currently at 151.8 pounds. And my goal is to reach 120 pound within the end of summer.

    Day 1: sweating but feel amazing 😀

  3. Alright so I’m gonna try this workout without a healthy diet just eating in small portions
    (About to do day one) btw I’m gonna do this for 1 week——

    Day 1: I’m tired but ok lol (I also feel much more better like more energetic)
    Day 2:

  4. Day 1: feel really motivated

    Day 3: Okay so this is my 3rd day doing this workout I actually just finished with it and I know if I continue like this for a week or longer the results are gonna be major I can feeeeel it!

  5. I really want to lose some of the weight in the mid-section. My goal is to be able to at one time feel confident in a bikini.
    Day 1- I feel good. I feel like I am doing better already. Her voice and attitude makes me want to keep going.
    Day 2- Easier, going faster, it’s actually kinda relaxing and fun.
    Day 3-Sleepover~ Couldn’t do exersise.
    Day 4- Same as day 2. Very relaxing, feels good after I’m done.

  6. I have just come across your videos and did 2 in a row. Your encouraging words throughout are perfect. Excellent workouts. Thank you 👌🏻

  7. the 3rd exercise dont really huurt that much do you guys think im doing it wrong btw it is my first day doing this

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