Mix these three ingredients and Get Rid of Body Odor INSTANTLY!!

Mix these three ingredients and Get Rid of Body Odor INSTANTLY!! –

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Currently in the market there are a lot of deodorants that help us fight the sweat, but there really are some that do not meet all our expectations.

In addition, few know that antiperspirants contain a substance that clogs the sweat glands, disrupting their normal functioning. WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU’LL BE AMAZED.

Mix these three ingredients and Get Rid of Body Odor INSTANTLY!! – https://youtu.be/o0I7yzM3zy4

How to Treat Bad Body Odor – How to Get Rid Of Body Odor – Hyperhidrosis Remedies & Treatment

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How to get rid of body odor

Body odor is something that most of us have experienced, as it is often an unpleasant odor that occurs when we sweat due to physical or occasionally when we are nervous. The primary source of the odor is usually in the armpits, but luckily hyperhidrosis can be controlled through some useful home remedies.


Eating an apple a day can help keep body odor away. Apple is a very rich source of zinc, which helps control body odor.


Wheatgrass helps reduce body odor. Take 500 mg wheatgrass, along with a glass of water.

Apple cider vinegar

Taking apple cider vinegar and mixed with water. Apply in the underarm area as a deodorant. Apple cider vinegar will regulate the pH balance, allowing you to get rid of the smell.

Baking soda

Baking soda facilitates the absorption of moisture from the skin. Apply a certain amount of baking soda in the armpits. It will help reduce body odor.

Antibacterial soap

Use an antibacterial soap while bathing and do not forget to thoroughly clean armpits.

The tea tree oil

Use tea tree oil for body odor. Wipe underarm with tea tree oil. It is a natural antiseptic, which kills bacteria and prevents to form again.

Witch Hazel

Apply witch hazel to clean your armpit. It works as an antiseptic agent, destroying bacteria, creating the smell.


After finishing the bathroom, take one tablespoon of honey and add it to warm water. Rinse yourself thoroughly with it.

Tomato juice

Pour a cup of tomato juice in your bath and fill the rest of the tub with water. Soak yourself in it to reduce body odor.

Take Bath

If you sweat excessively during summers, then bath at least three times a day. It will make you feel fresh throughout the day and also reduce body odor. Be sure to dry completely after each bath.
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ow to Getting Rid of Body Odor or armpit odor.

Tip number 1: take a Bath.
people who do not bathe smell significantly worse than those who bathe regularly.

Tip number 2: Stay Calm.
The apocrine glands are stimulated by stress, which means that anxious people are stinkier than the calm, cool, and collected.

Tip number 3: Stay Dry.
Antiperspirants are the first step to staying dry. They block the output of the apocrine glands, reducing the food for the bad bacteria.

Tip number 4: Watch What You Put in Your Body.
Strong foods like garlic and onions can come out in your skin. Certain medications, especially some anti-depressant medications can increase the output of apocrine glands. Smoking makes you stink in general, but actually can change your sweat as well. Finally, certain diseases like diabetes can cause you to change smells.

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Body odour starts with certain types of sweat. Eccrine glands pour out clear, neutral-smelling sweat, which cools your body as it evaporates. Apocrine glands, concentrated in your underarms and genitals, secrete a substance that bacteria feast upon, causing strong odours. Stress, ovulation, sexual excitement and anger can cause apocrine glands to kick into high gear. Some diseases cause the body to produce particular odours, and so do drugs such as venlafaxine (Effexor) and bupropion (Wellbutrin).

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