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Today’s blog/YouTube video post was long overdue. I have been meaning to share my Candida/Yeast Infection/Bacterial Vaginitis recovery. To be honest, it’s not easy telling everyone that I used to have chronic infections “down there”. However, this is not about me! This is about you and the fact that you have tried everything to cure your chronic infections to no avail. My hope is that you find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone and that you can in fact clear up this issue.

I was about 23-24 years old when my vagina first began to give me hints that there was an underlying issue that needed to be taken care of. I started getting yeast infections/bv after every period and any intimate contact. Like most of the population, I went to the doctor and told him/her my symptoms, they took their samples and they called in a prescription to clear everything up.

The only problem with antibiotics, Monistat, oral difulan and the like is that they don’t work. Month after month, like clockwork, the infections continued. After a good two years of battling chronic infections started to make me feel like something was wrong with me. Even worse, the physicians I had gone to had no answers as to what was going on.

Frustrated, but still wanting to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of having any sort of vaginal infection, I continued to take whatever the doctors prescribed me. I also decided that I would start using Monistat after every period to temporarily solve the issue.

At age 26 I had finally had it after finishing a round of Metronidazole (metrogel). Five days of administering this gel and immediately after intimacy (the next day) I began to experience the same symptoms that plagued my life for so long. I stopped going to the doctors looking for answers and taking the medication that was not working.

I started my own search for a cure that was less costly, emotionally draining and a plan that worked! Soon after I was introduced to the wonderful world of holistic healing via my nutrition school The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. That is where I began to learn about treating the core issue and not just the symptoms.

Relieved, I sure was, but still not completely out of the woods. I had some good months where I did not experience any vaginal infection symptoms. I also had some bad months.

After trying many different holistic treatments I realized I was over doing my treatment plan. There is no need for anyone to use 15 herbs, pills, and detoxes because honestly, you wont know what works.

After much trial, error, and tears I have finally gotten my body back. I haven’t used an antibiotic or Monistat in years – almost 5. After menstruating my body resets itself naturally and “we” are all good!

Below and in my YouTube video you will find my tips for clearing your chronic yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and candida overgrowth. The most important tip I can give you is to identify the root cause, treat the root cause and allow your body to heal.

DISCLAIMER: This post & video is designed for educational and/or informational purposes only and should not be used in any other manner. This information is not intended to substitute informed medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider. A consultation with your health care professional is the proper method to address your health concerns. You are encouraged to consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.

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How to Cure a Yeast Infection Naturally at Home

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How to Kill Yeast Infection Naturally Fast – Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies

How to Kill Yeast Infection Naturally Fast – Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies. Find in this video natural ways to cure yeast infection. Candida yeast infections are caused by the fungus called candida albicans, which we all have in our organism.

In ideal conditions, the yeast infection is kept under control by the so-called good bacteria.

The problems arise when our immunity drops; that’s when the number of these fungi increases, and soon afterwards the annoying symptoms appear.

Glucose and fructose are sugars which enable the fungi to multiply, and it’s very important to limit the intake of carbs, which contains these sugars.

Eliminating these carbs shall be supplemented, by increased intake of healthy natural fats.

If you suspect you have candida yeast infection, you can help yourself and eliminate the nasty infection, with this simple but effective drink.

All you need to prepare it, is high quality organic apple cider vinegar.

Mix one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and drink this solution before every meal, or at least twice a day on an empty stomach.

It stops the yeast infection from multiplying fast and efficient.

Research shows that the acids and enzymes, which apple cider vinegar abounds in, help eliminate the excess candida yeast infection.

Just remember that, your symptoms might get worse for the first few days, when you start drinking this solution.

It’s normal to experience this, when you’re treating candida because, the yeast is rapidly dying off.

You might also notice headache, and some clouded thinking for a few days, but the symptoms should clear quickly afterwards.

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Candida Cleanse: How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse & Get Rid of Candida Overgrowth

Learn how to do a proper candida cleanse to eliminate candida yeast overgrowth from your body. 3 steps in order to do the right candida cleanse that will actually work.

Learning how to best overcome Candida overgrowth can be daunting, especially when you feel you have to drastically change your eating and lifestyle habits. This guide provides three steps to break down and simplify the cleansing process. Check out for more information and to take a quiz that will establish your symptoms and risk factors for an infection.


Before plunging into a diet headfirst, spend the first two weeks making adjustments to begin different habits. This softer approach helps develop awareness of what you consume and eases you into your cleanse. Stop all alcohol, cut down caffeine to no more than two cups per day. Clean out your fridge and pantry of bottles and jars, as these may contain molds and yeast.

After the initial two weeks, transition into mevy diet (meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt). This is similar to a Paleo diet in that it focuses on fiber and high, lean protein, such as free-range chicken, eggs, and fish. Nuts, seeds, and beans are options, especially for vegans. To avoid digestive upset, such as bloating, slowly incorporate these foods into your diet over 1-2 months to allow the bacteria in your gut to acclimate to breaking down the nutrients. The mevy approach avoids sugars, which will starve Candida. There is no exact time period for this diet, but 1-3 months is average.

After you’re accustomed to this diet, the next step is to a low-allergy diet. Dairy, bananas, oranges, chocolate, peanuts are removed for 4-12 weeks. After this stage, begin reintroducing foods into your meals. Be sure to include anti-candida foods that fight candida and bad bacteria like coconut oil, clove, and oregano oil.

Along with anti-candida nutrients, prebiotic foods will help continue fighting yeast and feed probiotics in the gut, respectively. Probiotics provide healthy immunity, counter bad bacteria, and even B and K vitamin production. Darker colored vegetables, asparagus, and sweet potatoes are good options. Purple foods, such as cabbage or carrots, are also rich in prebiotic activity. Some options, like grapes, can be introduced later in the cleansing stages.


Lifestyle is critical to recovering health, and often the most difficult to adjust. Your daily habits affects immunity, nervous system, hormones, adrenals, and other functions. No matter how healthy you eat, factors like stress and sleep deprivation will prevent your body from fighting Candida and restoring balance.

Be mindful of your work-life balance, and limit the blurs with working after you get home, or being constantly plugged into technology. Set aside time during your waking hours for relaxation, or leisure time. This allows the nervous system to regenerate and digest, and sets the brain up for proper sleeping patterns.

Improved relaxation methods and sleeps affect attitude, which is another important consideration. Positive attitudes and a good mindset are psychologically important for overcoming illness. Have a good laugh, enjoy your food by chewing it thoroughly, and find little ways to enjoy life.

Exercise is another must for cleansing, recovering, and maintaining health. Find an enjoyable activity or blend of exercise options, and be consistent in your program. Walking, swimming, or joining a martial arts class (an especially good option if you thrive in group settings) are just a few ways to get your body moving. Exercising supports detoxification, immune function, mood, and overall health.


Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore are products with powerful blends and proper levels of ingredients to support a proper Candida diet. Canxida Remove is not just antifungal, antibacterial, but also fights parasites. The herbal complex works to cleanse everything from the mouth through the rectum, and prevents die-off symptoms often experienced when yeast cells are killed. Always take it with food, and works throughout the day because of the sustained release.

Canxida Restore has 6 probiotics and 7 enzymes to support healthy gut flora and nutrient digestion. There are no prebiotics in the blend, as people report products with them blended in may cause negative side effects such as gas and brain fog. Instead, consuming foods rich in prebiotics as previously mentioned allows each individual to adjust their needed amount. Restore can also be used as a standalone product, especially for those with food sensitivities or allergies.

CanXida Dietary Supplements

Foods To Eat During Candida Cleanse –

Foods To Avoid During Candida Cleanse –

If you still have questions regarding candida cleanse, or candida diet. Leave a comment below.
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How Quickly will Diflucan Get Rid of Candida Infections – Candida Hub’s article on how fast Diflucan kills a yeast infection. Also visit the site to find out about a natural, 12 hour cure for yeast infections that will also keep them gone for good!

Diflucan is a commonly used antifungal drug. It is actually an azole antifungal drug; and, the name Diflucan is just a brand name. The drug that you are actually using when you get Diflucan is of course fluconazole. There has been a ton of research on patentable, artificial drugs like fluconazole. Fortunately, there has been a decent amount of investigation and journal studies that talk about natural antifungals (such as essential oils).

Yes, it is true that fluconazole can clear up a yeast infection, but it is rare that it works super fast. You should expect that your infection will be cleared up in no more than 3 days; yet, this time frame is variable. Also some women who use this drug can develop an infection again. So, although this is a viable treatment option, you may be facing another yeast infection again later on. Some women, about 5% of them, will suffer from recurrent Candida vulvovaginitis. If you are one of these victims of this common fungal predator, you are not alone!

Like bacterial vaginosis, that has a very high recurrence rate, Candida recurrence can also be totally stopped–naturally. The 12 hour treatment program we discuss in the video can actually end the recurrence for good. It may be a real life changing decision for you to take a chance and give the woman who developed this program (who also suffered with this same problem for close to a 10 years) a chance.

How fast the prescription drug Diflucan will work may greatly depend upon the severity of your yeast infection. Women with severe yeast infections may not be able to get any type of fast cure using this drug. But, for the lady with a typical yeast infection, it can even work in about one day–but this expedient cure time frame is uncommon.

Also you should be aware of some serious side effects that Diflucan can cause. This drug can do a whole host of things to your body–even cause seizures. And, it is not the safest for pregnant women to take, as in very rare cases it can cause birth defects. Although doctors who research this drug say this tiny increase in the probability of fluconazole causing these effects is not really significant (as it is quite small), this drug has done this. Again, this discussion is broad, so if you’d like to know more you can get more facts on

SOlid Side Effects Information:
For more information about the side effects fluconazole (that is, Diflucan) can possibly cause, you can find out more at MedlinePlus:

If you would like to learn about some of the fastest, natural ways to get rid of a yeast infection in about 12 hours time, you can find out about these treatments on Candida Hub. This article linked to in this description talks a lot about this all-natural, safe 12 cure for yeast infections. If this seems like something you’d like to learn more about, simply check out our link to Candida Hub and you can find out a lot more!

And, if you’d like to find out about essential oils, herbs, and other natural items you can use to treat a yeast infection, Candida Hub has a vast amount of information on these topics. There is a lot of scientific journal studies and other publications utilized to bring you this information; feel free to dig in and read the sources of each article!

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This information provided in this video is not intended to be a prescription for anyone. The content of this video is for informational purposes and is give you information to take to a licensed physician and get their opinion on how to use this information. Consult a medical doctor before using any information provided by this video.

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