Removing Asian Giant Hornet Nest – Huge Hornet nest

The Asian Giant Hornets kill about 40 people each year in Japan. It’s considered the deadliest of the hornet species. It’s as thick as a thumb, and it’s gang-like behavior makes it a ruthless predator. Basically, after a Giant Hornet goes on a honey scouting expedition, it goes to its nest grabs a bunch of other hornets and attacks the honey hive.

A video by National Geographic has captured such an attack. About 30 hornets are known to kill about 30,000 bees in their bee hive in about three hours. The goal of the Asian Giant Hornet is to attack the larvae of the bees, which are used as feed for their own nests.

I do love Praying mantis and made this channel to all ppl who want to know more about them.

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DIY: Identifying and Getting Rid of Cicaida Killer Wasps – Hornets, Wasps, Bees

Cicada Killers are flying insects that look like hornets. They look very dangerous but are known as gentle giants. The males can not sting or bite and the females must be several provoked in order for them to sting. The females hunt cicadas, bury them in the ground, lay an egg, and cover the hole. The egg hatches, larva eats the cicada and digs out of the ground in late June or early July. Cicada killers are only seen for 1-2 months a year. They are typically gone by the end of August. They can be viewed as beneficial because they eat other insects such as white flies. They should only be killed if they are a nuisance or disturbing you and your guests.


Our wasp problem was out of control!! I tried freezing them, shooting them with the Bug-a-Salt, and using an electric fly swatter. The wasps are not happy with me…

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