Foot Cramps: Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Cramps in Foot and Toe


Foot cramps or toe cramps is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles of

the foot resulting in excruciating pain with inability to move the foot. Know the causes and ways to get rid of cramps in the foot.

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How to Get Rid of Sore Thighs

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Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps

Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps
00:00:13 Cold Compress Remedy
00:00:52 Cure With Apple Cider Vinegar
00:01:37 Fight Muscle Cramps With Epsom Salt
00:02:16 Treatment With Mustard
00:02:55 Cayenne Pepper And Coconut Oil Remedy
00:03:34 Rosemary Remedy For Muscle Cramps
00:04:13 Cure With Black Strap Molasses
00:04:52 Ginger Treatment
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Why Your Legs Cramp at Night And How to Keep it From Happening Again

Why Your Legs Cramp at Night And How to Keep it From Happening Again

Leg cramps at night – nocturnal leg cramps – are pains that occur during the sleeping hours. They can cause a person to wake up and occur at night due to prolonged hours of inactivity. Nocturnal leg cramps commonly occur in the calf but can also cause pain in the thighs and feet. Pain due to leg cramps at night can last for mere seconds or for several minutes. After the leg cramp passes, muscle soreness may linger for the rest of the night or even until the following day. Both men and women can experience leg cramps and they occur more commonly in adults over the age of 50.

Leg Cramps at Night, Different From Restless Leg Syndrome

Both nocturnal leg cramps and restless leg syndrome (RLS) occur during sleeping hours but that is the only similarity between the two conditions. There are many differences between leg cramps at night and restless leg syndrome, including:

RLS does not cause pain or cramping, while nocturnal leg cramps do.

RLS is more of a discomfort or crawling feeling in your legs.
RLS causes the desire to move the legs, while nocturnal leg cramps often prevent movement.
Moving the leg in RLS offers relief – moving the leg in nocturnal leg cramps does not, instead stretching is required.

What To Do When Cramps Occur

When a nocturnal muscle cramp strikes it can nearly leave you paralyzed. Knowing how to properly handle an attack will offer you relief and leave you less sore afterwards. Here are some tips to better handle nocturnal leg cramps.

While sitting on the floor extend both legs out in front of you. Now flex your feet at the ankles and point your toes toward your knees – you may want to tug on your feet to offer an even better stretch.
Get up slowly and walk around a bit – shaking your legs can also improve blood flow.
Gently massage the area in a circular motion.
Ensure blankets and sheets are not tight enough to make the leg muscle contract.
Take a tablespoon of yellow mustard to relieve discomfort.

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How to Get Rid of Leg Cramps

How to Get Rid of Leg Cramps

Important Tips for New Yogis. how to get rid of leg cramps.



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Stop Leg Cramps in About 1 Minute!

Stop leg cramps in about 60 seconds with one sip of our natural Amish remedy for cramps at night. Here’s the best part: they don’t come back for the next 24 hours.

Our natural remedy is extremely popular among those that get cramps while they are sleeping, and also works to prevent muscle cramps during sports.

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How To Stop Your Legs Cramp At Night!

How To Stop Your Legs Cramp At Night!
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Are your sleeping hours often end up with cramps in legs? It often occurs due to prolonged time of inactivity. It is well known as Nocturnal leg cramps which leads to pain in feet and thighs.

The pain occurred due to leg cramps can last for few seconds to 5-10 minutes. However after the pain the soreness in muscle is likely to remain for rest of the night and also sometimes in the morning. The legs cramp is common among men and women after the age of 50.

What To Do When Cramps Occur!

You might feel paralyzed when you suffer from a nocturnal muscle cramp.Thus, it is important to know about how to handle the muscle carmp attack and get instant relief from the pain. Below are some tips which you can follow to get rid of pain during nocturnal leg cramps.

1. If you feel cramps in your leg then get up from your place slowly and start shaking your leg. Then further walk for a while, this will improve the blood circulation to the leg.

2. To be comfortable, you can extend both the legs parallel in front of you while sitting on a bed. Then slowly try to point your toes in the direction of keens. Offer a stretch on your feet to feel better.

3. Make sure that your bed sheets or blankets are not too tight which can lead to muscle contraction in your leg.

4. You can put your hand on the affected area and rotate it in circular motion to provide a gentle massage.

5. In severe pain you can apply 1 tbsp of yellow mustard paste on the affected area to get relief from discomfort.

So, this is all about leg cramps and how to get rid of it in less time. Use this tips and get relief from the pain and cramps in no time.


Leg cramps are a common condition where you experience sudden and severe pain in your leg muscles. Read this article and find out how you can prevent and get rid of muscle cramps.
Leg cramps, or any other cramp, are caused by many internal factors. Sometimes, they can occur due to dehydration or malnutrition, or in some cases they can indicate a more serious health condition, such as kidney infection.
Easy Fix

People who exercise regularly are prone to muscle cramps due to dehydration. However, this can be easily fixed by consuming some warm water. Experts recommend drinking warm water because its temperature is similar to that of the blood and its absorption into the dehydrated muscles is much quicker when compared to cold water.
People who frequently have muscle cramps are advised to take some extra electrolyte supplements. They can promote electrolyte balance, hydration and will stop cramping right away.
How to Prevent Leg Cramps

Magnesium is essential mineral for proper muscle function and for prevention from cramps. It is quickly metabolized and the recommended dose is about 250-300 milligrams per day. There are many natural sources of magnesium, including nuts, lentils, spinach, molasses, prepared potatoes, fish, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and quinoa.

Potassium is another mineral which can prevent cramping. Potassium in combination with sodium regulates the liquid balance in the body. Therefore, leg cramps that occur due to dehydration are usually caused by potassium deficiency or by high sodium levels.

In addition, potassium can also have cramp relieving effects.

As soon as it is absorbed in the digestive system, potassium directs the fluids to the affected area. Therefore, whenever you experience a leg cramp, immediately consume foods that are rich in potassium.