How To Get Rid Of ALL Types Of Viruses For Windows 7,8,10 2017 EASY

How To Get Rid Of ALL Types Of Viruses For Windows 7,8,10 2017 EASY

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How to get rid of spyware protect 2009

Hey my name’s Riordan and iv’e seen allot of forum post’s about this and so decided to show you how to get rid of this very quickly and easily without buying or downloading any programs.
sorry about the shaky voice, first video and i hate talking to groups of people but ehh ,also i have a bit of a bad cold. (Yes they’ll believe that…)
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How to get rid of Virusses/Spyware + Info over virusses

How to get rid of  Virusses/Spyware + Info over virusses

Ok This is a realy serious video, i’m talking about virusses and spyware. It can happen to anyone, i just opend accidently a Virus infected file :S, i made this documentation, its based on what i did to get rid of it. it work perfect. Still problems/Stille have a virus/Spyware , leave a comment about what your computer does and if you know the virus name it will be fine when you put it in there. Thanks 😀

Disable Windows 10 Spying – Privacy & Security

My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
In this version episode of #TechTip I show you how to disable all of the spying features of Windows 10 and get your privacy back. I think Windows 10 is a great operating system once you disable all the data gathering mechanisms and return it back to a pure operating system.

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1) “some settings are managed by your organization” is displayed because Spybot Beacon changes some group policy settings. I didn’t realize this while shooting the video but it makes sense.

2) If you notice Skype Group Chats stop working open up the HOSTS file and remove all of the entries containing MSN. I’ve had one report of this fixing the problem.

▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) I like Cortana so I don’t want to disable that feature.
A) That is fine, but just realized that Microsoft intentionally made Cortana dependent on the cloud meaning you have to give up your information, searches, contacts, calendar entries, etc to use her. You can’t pick and chose what gets sent to Microsoft and still use the feature. It’s all or nothing and I think this sends a bad message from Microsoft on what they are actually doing with that data. #TinfoilHat

Q) Why do you hate Microsoft so much?
A) I don’t hate Microsoft, I worked there for 15 years as a Senior Software Developer. Windows is still my preferred platform that I use daily. What I don’t like is the direction Microsoft is taking with regards to advertisement and marketing being the focus over the core operating system and innovation.

Q) You should just run Linux!
A) I like Linux but it’s not in any position to be a replacement for an operating system like Windows. There is no Adobe support on Linux and it’s not ideal for mainstream content creators and software developers. But who knows what the future holds if Microsoft keeps going down this dark street.

Q) What is telemetry?
A) It’s Microsoft collecting data on your computer, what you search for, usage patterns, application usage, etc so they can analyze the data or use it for marketing.

** Full Disclosure: I worked at Microsoft for 15 years as a Software Developer and was laid off well over a year ago when Microsoft decided to get rid of the entire Windows test organization that I worked in. My goal is educate people on the best way to protect themselves while using Microsoft Windows because I still think it’s the best operating system out there and I don’t want to see Microsoft ruin that reputation by spying on all it’s customers –

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How to manually remove spyware, temp files, and shadow files (speeds up pc)

for windows vista, and XP 7+ *No download* this shows you how to remove alot of spyware, viruses, and trojans, manually. this will free up more space on your hard-drive, and speed up your computer / mac.

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Browser Malware Spyware Viruses Popups Scams how to get rid of them


Browser Malware Spyware Viruses Popups Scams how to get rid of them

False Companies:
PC Support Microsoft
PC Support

False websites include:­m

False numbers include:
020 3805 0589
0800 410 1075
0800 808 5449
020 3805 0585
0800 011 9411
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