Clean Your iPhone and iPad

Cleaning your iPhone or iPad is easy with these simple tricks. We’ll also show you how to make it run more efficiently and improve your overall battery life. Before you start be sure to look at how much free space you have before you begin and let us know in the comments section how much free space you get back!

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MacGo iPhone Cleaner (Mac Version)
MacGo iPhone Cleaner (Windows Version):

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01:55 Cleaning iMessages Data (Clean)
03:17 End Multi-Tasking Apps (Efficiency)
04:11 Importance of Shutting Down (Clean & Efficiency)
05:02 Background Apps Refresh (Efficiency)
05:58 Reduce Motion (Efficiency)
06:50 Battery Usage to Detect Inefficient Apps
07:28 Alter Facebook’s Video Settings (Efficiency)
08:58 iPhone Low Signal Consequences (Efficiency)
10:38 Manage Storage/Remove App Extra Data (Clean)
12:30 Flushing Out Old Calendar Data (Clean)
14:20 iTunes Syncing Alternative Options for Music (Clean)
14:59 Photos Syncing Using Smart Albums (Clean)
16:31 “Other Data” additional items (Clean)
18:05 Corrupted Data/Restore (Clean)
19:27 MacGo iPhone Cleaner Software (Clean)

Iphone 6s / Iphone 6s Plus Virus Removal Fix –

Lookout App Link:

Fliptroniks IOS Updates:

If you need iphone 6s / iphone 6s virus removal your going to want to

1. Do a hard reset on your iphone or what we recommend to do to get it completely cleared is to restore your iphone as new through itunes. All you would need to do is plug your iphone 6s into your computer, and wait for itunes to pop up and then click the restore as new option. (your going to want to make sure to backup any photos, videos, contacts, and other documents to your mac or pc first)

2. Once you restore it as new your going to want to setup your iphone quickly and then wait and make sure the virus is completely gone. Once you wait and your notice your iphone is working 100 percent again your going to now get a security app for your iphone.
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How to Get Rid of Viruses On PC all Free _2016 (HD)

How to Get Rid of Viruses On PC all Free _2016  (HD)

Convert iTunes Music For Windows Movie Maker
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I want to give special thanks to ExtremeTechSolutions for releasing (2015) How to remove all viruses from your computer.

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Take a look at ExtremeTechSolutions stats and you’ll understand why I am a fan.

How To Get Rid Of Background Audio Ads Virus Windows Fix

You Got ads Playing in the Background with No web Browsers apps On. Chances Are That You Have a Adware/malware Virus on Your Computer Watch This Video Today To Stop The Ads Now.

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Terms & Conditions : Using of this Video tutorial ” How To Remove Virus Without Using Anti virus Programs ” Author is not responsible for any damage made to your Desktop Computer,laptops.If you are not sure how to remove virus’s from any computer ” ASK FOR HELP FROM A PC CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN . Edit via CMD with your own RISK. Make sure you know what you are dealing while Editing any Drive and what changes have been just made to your PC. Make sure you have a Backup Before you start Editing. Make sure your pc is Secure enough with Antivirus+Firewall+Spyware software all the time.
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How to get rid of annoying Monkey test and Time service virus

Monkey test and Time service is the android virus that hardly to remove, but you can also temporary disable its process. Most app can do this task but i see that this app is an easy and the useful one. Please follow these step:
1- Download Clean Master for free from play store
2- Open Clean Master and go to PHONE BOOST
3- Go to Autostart Manager and turn off Monkey test and Time Service
4- Scroll down and select Pre-Installed Apps and also turn off Monkey test, Time Service (Including “” if it is existed)
5- Exit Clean Master and Restart the phone.

I hope this might work for your phone. Thank for watching.
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