Do This For A Month To Remove Your Stretch Marks Completely

Stretch Marks removal at home is made easy with this simple homemade remedy.stretch marks can occur after weight loss, pregnancy, bodybuilding etc. it can be removed via laser treatment but this remedy is a very effective remedy to how to remove stretch marks in one month. It also helps in hair growth and treating wounds.


Aloe Vera: Half to one cup fresh gel
Coconut oil: Half cup
Steel pan
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11 thoughts on “Do This For A Month To Remove Your Stretch Marks Completely

  1. I stumbled across your videos, havent tried any remedies, but liked and subscribed for one reaseon. You get straight to the point.

  2. Stretch marks are caused by the lower layers of the skin being torn. Nothing you rub onto the top layer of the skin is going to repair that damage. Over time the redness of a stretch mark will fade but it will never be removed unless you have that piece of skin surgically removed.

  3. I feel like by boiling the aloe you kill everything good from it..I might be wrong….but thats why when you want those nice oils you look for "cold pressed" …so that the minerals and vitamins are still in them

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