Dr. Mercola on the Real Causes of Acid Reflux

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/04/25/News-Flash-Acid-Reflux-Caused-by-Too-Little-Acid-Not-Too-Much.aspx?x_cid=youtube Watch Dr. Mercola’s video and discover the truth about acid reflux and learn the safe and effective ways that can help eliminate it naturally.
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19 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola on the Real Causes of Acid Reflux

  1. Thank you Dr Mercola. I stopped eating CARBS and SUGAR and within 5 days my pain went away. It's been 6 weeks now on this "banting diet" and I feel great. I also stopped drinking coffee during the first 5 days (to eliminate the irritation factor) and I am please to say that I am back to drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day – with no irritation or pain. Thank you again for you advice.

  2. I hope some dude like Elon Musk runs the world one day and there we just have "Dr info" in our Robots or Medical tablets in our homes called. The app? MERCOLA and its universal. Dr.s severely misdiagnosed my mother, boom, dead. So, I do everything at home, subsequently. I went to a clinic recently as I twisted my knee and needed an x-ray – dude asked if I wanted pain killers? I said, "no I don't take anything like that…it's not good for the body." He said, "what? They're perfectly fine." and even laughed at me arrogantly. He told me I most likely had bursitis and onset osteoarthritis…freaking me right out for a week. OF COURSE, x-rays back and no abnormal bone changes or additions. NONE. Anyway…off topic.
    I am on a Ketogenic diet, but have been off of sugar for over a year and no alcohol and do not smoke anything. I feel great, getting my electrolytes balanced took a hot minute BUT spice (to jazz up this way of eating) I think it is spicy things that are giving me heartburn. I have been taking ACV every morning with him salt for ohhhh 3 yrs. Bone broth, yep…is it the fat? It better not be! LOL I love this lifestyle HFLC – I am just adjusting a couple weeks in so…2nd time around…I take a tsp of baking soda, seems to work, but waking up with it in the morning sucks. Hope it goes away…I'm'a lay off the spice. Kimchi is bomb tho.

  3. I agree with the elimination of alcohol. I gave up alcohol all together and my reflux nearly dissappeared. I also had gut disbiosis, so when I started treating it with SB floractive and probiotics it went away completed. It now comes back only when I severley over eat or eat crap food, like cakes and sugar. The thought of drinking now is somewhat sickening. Rotten Fruit! Yuck 🙂

  4. I'm very disappointed at the doctors at the hospital thinking I've probably got an inflammation around my heart and prescribed me with Voltaren and the pain did not go away and my general practishioner told me it's fine it will go away i don't believe any bullshit they say because they don't want to treat the patient's they want them to come back so the doctor get payed and using antacid don't fuckin work it makes people feel more sick so you spend money on antacid brands

  5. Hello people let me tell you I've had bad acid reflux chest pains a gurgle in the throat and had this for about 6 months I've tried every remedies and found that using saint john's wort helps with the symptoms also I've eaten an apple and used apple cider with manuka honey mixed in water had a relief from this bad burning reflux that I've had everyday

  6. I sure wish I had seen this video BEFORE I went cold turkey from my PPI (Prilosec on it for 20 yrs. sometimes BID) OMG – I sure did have the SEVERE rebound reactions….still paying for that one. …but now on Betaine HCL, papaya chews, DGL licorice, apple cider vinegar,ginger teas. . . . to try to get me thru it.. When I went to see my GI dr.on 5/25/16 (did egd 3/23 = erosive gastritis & hiatal hernie), informed him of my severe s/s and showed him my alternative methods I was using – and how it worked. He stated "probably a placebo effect" and that he didn't believe in any of that stuff. He also told me "What can I do for you IF you refuse to take the PPI that will heal you"!!! I told him it obviously isn't working (hence erosive gastritis) & it is just destroying my brain….(Alzheimer's). I have to go to him one LAST time – just to get the px. from my EGD + he never did say when I should have this egd & the colonoscopy repeated. He also never touched me once to examine me. We only talked. I had to find out the hard way that I obviously went to the WRONG GI dr. BUT. . . . I have since found a wonderful Wholistic Dr. who when he did examine me by palpating my abdomen – I hadn't realized it was so tender & sore – til he did this.. HE also did a Heidelberg pH test and I WAS hypochlorhydric – as he suspected AND as a smart kid in a health food store also did who gave me some Betaine HCL… which was a life saver for me.- especially at 5am one morning deciding whether to call 911 or take the HCL – the HCL worked.. Thank you Dr. Mercola for THIS wonderful insight… like I said wish I had seen it FIRST.

  7. Thank you thank you. I've been crippled by this horrible infections for 6 months and have been given many meds and tests without finding the route cause. Now I've ytested positive for h.pylori I'm on the mend on natural remedies and dietary change.

    1- black seed oil
    2- Himalayan salt
    3- vit d
    4- probiotic vegan tablets
    5- hcl

  8. Doctor Mercola, May God bless you. Thank for sharing and explaining everything to us especially we people who are suffering from this acid reflux. I hope I will feel better also.

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