20 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Learns How Vodka Can Ease Cold Sores

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  10. No one needs vodka. You can use rubbing alcohol and should never put it in your body or use it to numb out your feelings. Alcohol is very toxic.

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  13. yeah so you can fact check me but I've done my research so i can tell you a cold sore does not form on the inside of your mouth. what she shows in the picture is called a mouth ulcer it appears from small cuts in your mouth and your immune system releases a chemical to kill off the dead cells in the cut but it over reaches and makes a pit or a sore area. That ensure's you don't let dead cells heal back into the mouth. Cold sores can be spread they are a type of herpes and mouth ulcers cannot and are just something a good amount of people have. (please fact check me if you have doubts)

  14. I have a cold sour Inside my mouth on my gum and I hate it because I have to chew on one side of my mouth ☹️😥😩

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