20 thoughts on “Dr. Oz's Fix for Back Fat in Women

  1. Really? Don't suggest a specific exercise that targets those muscles to dig that rusted-on fat out of there… NOOO! Just buy a bigger bra! PFFFT! Great help, mate!

  2. why would you start wearing your bra on the tighest hook? you start at the loosest then as it stretches, you can wear it tighter

  3. Old news and So cliche! Ridiculous, changing bras every 6 months???? I thought he was gonna give tips about getting rid of the fat, not getting rid of your bra.

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  5. This is completely ridiculous I saw whole video and it’s nothing I was thinking they are gonna tell who we reduced back fats 😡😡🤨🤨🤨🤨

  6. I believe nothing you say anymore after you stole Dr. Eric Berg's information as if it were your own…shame shame shame bring your viewers the truth!

  7. The only reason why I listened to this is because I thought he was going to show some exercises that could help. This was totally useless information.

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