6 thoughts on “Get rid of Groundhogs the easy way

  1. Often times groundhogs will have multiple den sites. Denning up close to a favorite food source until it is gone then moving. This will happen within a small territory. I'm guessing it consumes out of your garden what it wanted and moved away for a bit. It will return as they don't go far. Groundhogs don't have good eye sight (important to remember when trapping them) and all animals will grow a custom to movement and noise if they are not being pursued by the noises and movement. Think of song birds flying around and singing or cars driving past.
    The easiest way to deal with them ( aside from shooting which in your case is not feasable) is to do what is known as a positive set in trapping. This requires knowing where, and being able to access the den opening. You can find videos on youtube by searching groundhog trapping with positive set. If the den is not on your property, trapping is still possable. Baits must be large for eye appeal and trap placed in travel path. Again, there are videos that will show you best ways in trapping them.

    Make sure you check the laws of your state concerning trapping and relocating nuisance wildlife. Some states may allow you to relocate without any guidelines or restrictions. Others may want you to follow a particular procedure. Still others may prohibit relocation altogether! An example in my state: New York allows you to protect your property but requires a person to have a license to posses and transport wildlife. This licences is referred to as an N.W.C.O. license. Nuisance wildlife control operators licence holders must follow particular guidelines when relocating wildlife in N.Y. Such as written permission from landowner to release wildlife on property other then your own. Here its illegal to relocate Raccoons at all! Once trapped, Raccoons must be euthanized unless your releasing back on the same property it was trapped! Fines of over 1000.00 per animal will acur if these laws are not followed! Most states do have professionals known as nuisance wildlife control operators that can handle it for you. This is often the best way as you don't have to worry about anything, but paying a fee to have it done for you!
    Hope this helps!

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