Get Rid of Viruses + Accelerate Body Healing Subliminal Affirmations

Upgraded Version:
This video has affirmations for removing viruses from the body and accelerating the healing process within the body.

Just listen to the audio, you can listen while doing other activities as well but you must be awake. Listening while asleep will help your progress but not unless you are listening while awake. Listen 3-6 times a Day. You will see noticeable changes in less than a month. Listen for upto 3 months to get the end result.

Requests now run of donations to keep the channel alive. Click the link, submit your donation and tell me your request.…

1 Function Subliminal Request = 10$
2 Function Subliminal Request = 15$
3 Function Subliminal Request = 25$
Custom Subliminal Request = Negotiable

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HOW SUBLIMINALS WORK: there are affirmations (suggestions) that are hidden under the music. because they are hidden by the music and u can’t hear them, the suggestions go right past your conscious mind which would normally reject them as not true and They go right to your subconscious mind and are accepted as true. Once the affirmations are ingrained in your subconscious, your body starts changing to match what the subconscious is telling it, and thats how people are getting physical results.

20 thoughts on “Get Rid of Viruses + Accelerate Body Healing Subliminal Affirmations

  1. Is this good for general flu symptoms. Like sore throat and fever even if you dont know if they are caused by a virus or bacteria?!

  2. Hi Friend , am facing fever and body pain since long so this will help full for me. felling very low energy in my body and taking medicine. so does it really work..please tell me..

  3. I have a pounding head ache and a high fever
    Like 101.6 or something
    But I listened to this for estimated minute
    My headache is fading and feeling a lot better
    My mom is taking me to the docs tmrw if I'm not better so let's hope this works!!

  4. Wow is the word for you ! God bless you n each n every donor , user ๐Ÿ™‚ This is not the end you have to rock the world! Regards

  5. do i have to focus to the sound while listening to this, or can I use it as background music, so for example, listen to it while doing homework or using my phone?

  6. I really hope this works I have a blocked nose and a sore throats and I really need it to go away before Saturday !!!!! I'm also gargling with salt water and i will update

  7. hey.. can someone explain the function of this.. I've Googled it but love to hear someone's perception of it. getting rid of hsv and I'm wondering does this work for it. many thanks!

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