Housekeeping: Natural Insect Repellent : How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (Easy, Cheap, Safe & Clean)

Getting rid of fruit flies requires pouring baking soda and cider vinegar down the drain, keeping towels dry and making a fruit fly trap with a jar, some cider vinegar and a paper cone. Eliminate and prevent fruit flies in the kitchen or bathroom with information from an organic farmer in this free video on insects.

Expert: Lauren Roy
Bio: Lauren Roy has been in the natural living business for about 15 years.
Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn
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20 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Natural Insect Repellent : How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (Easy, Cheap, Safe & Clean)

  1. Just ignore the rude comments these people don't have a good self esteems so they are projecting out. Thank you for your time and good to know.

  2. hi there i am really interested in natural fly repellents but i have a problem, my house is not clean, plus i do not want hurt the fly i just want them to stay away. Please could you advise as this is really stressing me out. Please help. Many Thanks Gren p.s Please check out my music as i think you will find it soothing.

  3. hi ! nice cliŝ u got here !! but it was shown that the cover over the vinigar will hold the fly in the jar! re-check you movie clip , it clearly shows a fruit fly crawling out of the cover !! it is showing on the clip ! its funny! don't work too well! you can even squish a fly too! ha!

  4. I put some Red Wine in a glass over night and they did not fly into it. any idea how long this will take. I put it into a tall jam jar on the counter…..?

  5. what are those little flies… that fly around… (these bite me) what are they called they are alot smaller than flies… and very small and usually black… how do i kill them b4 they bite me

  6. @dandaman9753 I was laughing my ass off as she was saying that 🙂

    It's a good tip though… many sugary liquids left out in a jar or container for them to trap themselves in, does the trick!

  7. another thing you can do to those kinds of traps is put a couple drops of dishwashing soap in with the vinegar and swirl it around. that way if they make contact with the liquid, the soap will make a thin layer on their body and suffocate them

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