How I Lightened My Bikini Line From Razor Scars

All of the items listed in the video were purchased from Walmart…

Everything together was about . Not including the wax warmer or wax.

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20 thoughts on “How I Lightened My Bikini Line From Razor Scars

  1. This is awesome, I have yet to try waxing because my skin is super sensitive. But I've been suffering with skin issues for years, and I've been using aloe vera (from the plant) for my face, but I decided to put it on my bikini line and I left it on over night and I only did this once. I shaved yesterday, ALL my bumps are gone. Every single one. I used to just be so bumpy but now it's just smooth. Aloe vera is really the damn truth.

  2. I freaking love you for this. To anybody that's wondering if this works YESS GIRL IT WORKS. After just a week I've already seen improvement?. I was dealing with old razor scars and ingrown hair scars from when I used to shave. I had to switch it up a little because I have such sensitive skin. Instead of the sugar scrub and apricot scrub I made my own natural scrub with brown sugar, coconut oil and honey. I still use the face wash with my homemade scrub and then afterwards I use aloe Vera gel.. let that dry then use the palmers fading serum.

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