How to Cure Hiccups – Get Rid of Hiccups… It Really Works!

HOW TO: Cure Hiccups. Get rid of your hiccups. Stevia really works for those who want a healthier choice than sugar but sugar works as well.

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6 thoughts on “How to Cure Hiccups – Get Rid of Hiccups… It Really Works!

  1. There is a biological reason this works. The sugar/stevia displaces the action potential of the muscle cells of the diaphragm which cause hiccups.

  2. Incredible.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have had the hiccups for three days now.  That has never happened to me before. I'm 62 years old Jesse, and whenever I had hiccups in my life, it only lasted a few minutes and then went away. But this time it has been going on for three full days.  I was going crazy.  I tried everything and nothing worked.  Then I stumbled onto your video.  I happened to have some stevia in my kitchen, so I tried a whole tablespoon of it.  As soon as I swallowed it, the hiccups stopped dead in their tracks.  Thank you so much for posting your video.  I can now finally get a good nights sleep.

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