How to get rid of Hyperhidrosis AT HOME no surgery or needles! Iontoderma iD-10000

Hey guys! I am SO excited for this video on how I got rid of/cured my hyperhidrosis on my hands and feet! This machine really does worth and is soo worth the money! I have a 15% off discount code for you guys!!

Here is the website use the code FORJODISFAM for a 15% discount!

Totally worth the money! It has changed my life! Thanks for watching!

21 thoughts on “How to get rid of Hyperhidrosis AT HOME no surgery or needles! Iontoderma iD-10000

  1. I am a seriously heavy sweater. Tried a lot of products over the years that claim to cure really heavy perspiration but none worked much better than your typical over the counter item. Though I was not expecting something special from the first time I used excessive sweating treatment method “shocking jomu plan” (Google it), it worked amazing things for me personally, I have no smelly and sweaty underarms anymore.

  2. I`ve always had an issue with excessive sweating. I am seeing a substantial variation very quickly using this excessive sweating treatment solution “shocking jomu plan” (Google it). I no more endure from sweating excessively at night and I have reduced use for deodorants.

  3. I think I have hyperhidrosis but idk cuz nobody has mentioned the condition before but I can't believe othor people lyk me have it

  4. Are you kidding me I can barely type this comment with hyperhidrosis? my phone can't even recognize my finger with all this sweat.

  5. I have this condition. And it seriously sucks. I used to not be so shy and stuff, but now I'm VERY worried and everything about this. I usually always have a sweater with me, even in the summer, I don't care… I got my sweater with me 24/7. I also always socks. I just can't handle not wearing socks.
    and I've had this problem my whole life. I am homeschooled so, I don't have as many interactions with people. but when I do, it is really hard.
    but hey? One good things is that my hands and feet are so soft! X3
    Sorry for a long comment, but I just found out what my condition was called and now I'm seeing so many people in the comments. and just wow

  6. I hate how people always say stuff like: ,,Oh come on, no one cares about it."
    And then when they see how much I can sweat they are like: ,,Oh my god…you sweat A LOT"

  7. Hi jodi i just saw your video and i wanna try this machine but when I searched in the internet where can i buy this it say its not available in canada. Hoping for you response thank you

  8. my hyperhidrosis is not in my feet, but in my armpits and palms. having it in the armpits is the WORST. i always need to have a jumper on, to cover my sweat patches, plus it completely stinks. and yes, i do wear deodorant, i've tried quite a few different ones, none works. does anyone with the same problem have any working solution? it's starting to ruin my life, however dramatic that sounds. 🙁

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