How To: Remove Viruses, Malware, Adware, Trojans, etc. from Windows 7 8 10 FREE 2015

In this video I will be showing you through the installation of a lot of awesome programs that will help you fix a computer to get it back to regular working order and skip a trip to the computer shop. Computer shops really rob people and I just don’t think it’s right, so I’m sharing my general knowledge about the topic and hope it helps you out.

I’ve enabled ads to help fund myself as I am in college and can use every little bit of help!

Thanks for watching, and please comment if you need any help with anything!

Programs shown are:
-Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (PRO version) — Just use free unless you want to pay for full

10 thoughts on “How To: Remove Viruses, Malware, Adware, Trojans, etc. from Windows 7 8 10 FREE 2015

  1. this has definitely taken care of a bunch of viruses. except now having trouble logging on normally just comes up black screen but can still get on safe mode

  2. I have tried all steps you gave. I keep getting a pop up saying from adobe flash player (google chrome) telling me to allow naiadsystems to access my camera, when I deny, it says there's an error and something else is using my webcam and video, I need these for work, what should I do? I read this naiadsystems is malware. Have I been hacked?

  3. will this work if someone had taken over your computer/has access via a Trojan or virus? trying to access accounts from your computer.

  4. When I try to install Malwarebytes gives me an error message and if anybody can help me I would be so grateful

  5. Great video, I persoanlly use Ccleaner, JRT and adwcleaner, before I run a full scan with malwarevytes because if you dont' remove all of those temp and junk files, malwarebytes takes longer to finish the full scan because it will be scanning those un wanted/unnedded files. I hope this helps!

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