How to safely remove ticks from your dog

The height of tick season is upon us, so we want to help you be prepared.
Monica Seto, Manager of Shelter Health and Wellness, shows in this video each step of how to properly, and safely, remove a tick from your dog.

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8 thoughts on “How to safely remove ticks from your dog

  1. I never knew ticks looks like tacks , must be from that game tick tack toe! I never played the game before but you must take ticks and tacks out of a toe hence the name tick tack toe !!!! He he he he ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho!

  2. Very beautiful lady! Wow ! Love her hair! And of course very pretty face. Blond hair is very attractive to me. 🙂 sorry didn't say one thing about the pup, I like lose kind of dogs, very friendly , it's a lab isn't it?? Or a golden retriever ….

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