I tried Face Exercises for 30 days to get a slim face | Before/After | Worth It?

I tried 6 different face exercises everyday for 30 days to try to get a slimmer face. I share my before and after measurements and results. Was it worth it? I have had chubby cheeks for the longest time and it’s one of the most asked questions I get.

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20 thoughts on “I tried Face Exercises for 30 days to get a slim face | Before/After | Worth It?

  1. Your face looks slimmer not sure if its makeup i not but it looks so good, id definitely advise you to do other excersizes cause they work !!

  2. Chubby cheeks makes people look younger and actually it looks so cute to me. I have chubby cheeks and I think it looks so pretty.

  3. If your fat and you lose weight and workout you can lose the excess fat but the remaining fat will stay there because if by genetic you have chubby cheeks even when your skinny it won't go but if you are overweight then your fat will go but not beyond it natural fat deposit

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