1. The best results I've ever had by using a product was Man1 Man Oil. I applied it daily after I showered and within days I was seeing the benefits to my penis skin. The skin was less see-through and didn't look as thin, it felt strong and supple and ready to take on any challenge in the bedroom. Although I suffer from friction burn from biking long distances, the penis health creme has allowed me to fend away that irritation and keep biking!!!!!! I would highly recommend trying it- hope this helps.

  2. Do not mix different active medications. They may interefere with one another sucha that none of them would work. Eg. if you use Tolnaftate cream or liquid and then put on medicated powder, be sure the medication in the powder is also Tolnaftate and not some other active ingresient. use one or the other, but do not mix. If I may add, do not use any antibiotic ointment for that kills competing bacteria and not the fungus. If you kill the bacteria, then the fungus has no competition and it thrives.
    Keep off sugar, bath twice a day, nedicate and change underwear each time. Keep dry. While at home, just let it hang free. LOL Sunlight helps a lot. If you can , expose your groins to sunlight daily.

  3. I use tough actin tinactin. I break out with athletes foot any time my feet stay wet for any substantial length of time while wearing socks and shoes. Every time I use tinactin at that point, it burns and stops the itch. Totally eradicates it after a few days of applying and keeping my feet very clean and dry. I do my best to maintain clean and dry conditions.

    EDIT: There is nothing wrong with your triple attack method depicted in above video. Foot fungus deserves no mercy. Overkill is actually encouraged. However, if you can't afford all the above, just go with 1 can of tough actin tinactin. It will work every, single, time. Super powerful weapon all on it's own. It can kill a severe fungal infection within a week of daily applications. When I say severe I mean active infection that produces bumps that can burn, and itch enough to distract you, and ruin your concentration in day to day activities.

  4. When you use the spray, how much do you use? Do you do it to where you cover the foot but cant see or the spray or do you do it to where you see white from the spray.

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