lose neck fat/double chin subliminal

hello!! this was requested.

affirmations include:
have a slim neck
lose neck fat basically
have your neck look the way u want it to
affirmations to speed up results

drink water!
listen 3-6 times (if you can stand it, listen for an hour)
you can listen while sleeping
all of my subs are downloadable
if you have a basic understanding of English you’re good
Visualize your results!

later later~
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14 thoughts on “lose neck fat/double chin subliminal

  1. Could you do Desired chin and jawline subliminal? This works so well! I have results after listening just 3 times! And I want the same kind of effect for my chin and jawline:)

  2. Have been using it for a week now – not even regularly, just when I play something or just relax – and I can say that this definitely works amazing. I never liked how I look from the profile because of my genetic double chin and the results from this sub made me finally feel comfortable in my skin. The results aren't drastic but definitely noticeable. Can't wait to see the full results of this!

  3. wow, i don’t usually get fast results but i listened to this three times and my jawline is so sharp. my double chin is less visible too as it only appears when i lower my chin, i’ll listen for another couple of days to completely get rid of it.

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