Mold Removal Myths- Myth # 2 Bleach is the Answer – Guardian Preservation Services has mold facts and information in this mold myths video series. Learn in this video about mold removal and the effects of using bleach to stop mold growth.

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  1. What a waste of time!! You have 8 of these repetitive videos to tell us 8 myths? Really?? For goodness' sake, who's bright idea was it to divide them into so many videos? To learn just ONE bit of duh info we have to sit through all your introductions, which are ALL exactly the same!! Please, take down these time wasters!!

  2. Dr Winsor does not recommend bleach for mould removal as it does not kill the mould, it just bleaches the colour out.

    If you already have mould at your house the best way to get rid of it is with a good scrub of a vinegar or alcohol solution.

    Dr Winsor recommends eight parts vinegar to two parts water and a microfibre cloth.
    "So you'd have three buckets: you'll have your 80 per cent vinegar solution [for killing the mould] and you'll have one that's half that concentration [for rinsing your cloth] and then you'll have one that is just water [for the second rinse]," he explained.

    Do not forget to patch test on surfaces before cleaning them.
    He also cautions against the use of essential oils like clove oil, as they can leave brown streaks on fabrics and furniture, and may cause allergic reactions in some people.

    Shannon Lush's tips
    ABC Local Radio's cleaning expert Shannon Lush recommends 1/4 teaspoon of oil of cloves per litre of water in a spray bottle for cleaning mould from hard surfaces. Lightly mist on, leave overnight and wipe off. -can leave brown streaks on fabrics and furniture
    For soft items mix one kilogram of uniodised salt in a nine-litre bucket of water. Paint over the item, leave until a salt crust forms then wipe off with a soft brush.
    For cleaning mould from carpet, Shannon recommends two tablespoons each of bi-carb soda, white vinegar and methylated spirits, and two teaspoons each of eucalyptus and glycerine.

  3. We have all brick and concrete walls yet, we have mold recurrences. We do live in a humid, tropical area,be here everyone has mild outbreaks; our house has been closed tight for several weeks because of renovations and that the workmen can't work in the rain we've had for the past 3 weeks.

    So my walls are covered in black mold, the downstairs is worse but there are splotches on every floor.

  4. Bleach does work on any and everything all lies. Just use goggles and the right mask when you do it yourself. I'm sure he sprays bleach on everything

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    don't wait it's too dangerous call anytime

  6. I used a mold mixture I bought at a local store I think it's made by Clorox. It's a branded product. It's instructions is to spray on the mold and leave it for 5 minutes. I did, it killed the mold, I made sure I even got out a spot to see, I did this on dry wall with wall paper. I then cut the wall paper away and there was no signs of mold behind it in the dry wall.

    Now I'm replacing the wall paper after another cleaning but it seems all of the mold is gone, I have a small streak in another area that I'm going to clean and cut out.

    I wouldn't recommend what I did, because it will ruin parts of the wall but I had no choice in the matter because the wall can't be removed at this time. But from the looks all the mold is gone and there is no smell or residue left over.

  7. Make the video vague about how to get rid of mold and maybe people will hit your hyperlink. Just take away the average person's idea about how to do it themselves, and maybe tell me how mold kills em in another video to play on their fears. I'll at least try bleach since I've seen it appear to work before.

  8. I have an observation I have to make. As  far as I am concern water in in everything. I believe, correct me if I am wrong, that no matter what product you use to clean or remove mold the neutral solution is H2o. Every cleaning detergent or liquid solution do ever ever ever for ever and ever contain and will contain water! I believe bleach can be use just make sure is completely dry after you are done and keep the space seal after is dry! I believe that the people that want you to buy their product will said: "Oh don't use bleach because have water in it" But if you search their product it does contain water to! Correct me if I am wrong Please.

  9. Bleach will feed mold since it has water in it, absolutely false, I have my old test results. Can you please post a science experiment on this rather than speaking words? I had many mold re-mediators tell me that you can not kill mold with bleach since bleach has water in it and water feeds mold. I had mold in many different areas of my house, I used a bleach based mold killing product, the mold has been gone for 1.5 years, the product worked. I was told, bleach will white mold out, and mold will continue to grow after it feeds on the water in the bleach. After telling one of the mold re-mediators what I did, he told me that it is just coincidental for the product to work and usually mold will not be killed, but he didn't know what to say after I told him that the mold didn't come back in the 5 other rooms as well.

  10. I guess everyone has there way and believes what they believe and has their own experience about that belief.  I have yet to know how I'm going to conquer my issue..its green mold, in a basement, and its plaster walls not sheet rock.  Any ideas about that? 

  11. one can get rid of the mold themselves, yet it takes some knowledge, and equipment. if it was that simple, everyone could have been doing it themselves.

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