let’s just ignore the fact I gradually get lipstick on my invisalign throughout this video. great thanks a bunch.

watch me get it pierced |

shirt –
lips – wet n wild ravin raisin
beanie – h&m? forever 21? who knows


e m a i l →
o t h e r . c h a n n e l →
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h o r r o r i n s t a g r a m →
t w i t t e r →!/sarahmhawkinson
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b l o g →
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c a m e r a // canon rebel t5i
e d i t o r // adobe premiere pro cs5.5

f t c // not a sponsored video 🙂
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  1. if you get your nose piercing infected you are NOT supposed to take it out . you're piercing will grow over and the infection will be trapped inside and have no way to drain out

  2. Hopefully this helps! I've been using the stupid Aspirin thing for a couple weeks and it went down a little bit but now it wont go down anymore. Also, you've got lipstick on your teeth. lol <3
    Oh wait….that's in the description.

  3. Going to try this. Got my 'Conch ' pierced and JUST (few mins ago) saw a bump by it. . Thought it to be a keyloid in the making. . But after watching this I do believe it's scaring. .. I'm going to try the oil, if it works. . I'll come back and post

  4. I use dial soap… And I have a bump on it. I just noticed it a few days ago..): but dial soap did great on my eyebrow piercing. I don't understand.

  5. You helped me so much! After trying so many things as well, I did the Tee Tree Oil and diluted it on a Q tip and the bump is gone 😀 I'm so happy!

  6. I got my nose pierced about 1 month, a month and half ago and i noticed a bump around it (it wasn't huge but it wasn't small) so I went to my piercer and he told me that it's a keloid and told me to use tea tree oil. I use dial gold antibacterial soap twice a day and do sea salt soaks twice a week (like the piercer recommended) and I've been using the tea tree oil on the bump for almost 3 weeks and it's went down but there's still a bump there and the bump that's there now isn't huge but it's isn't tiny. Do you have any recommendations?

  7. I feel you ohmygod i've had it pierced Jan last year and had the bump till now but only recently did it start going down and I still use tea tree oil the way u explained, hopefully it'll completely go away soon!xx

  8. Hello! I definitely need some help and you seem to know pretty well about nose piercings. My piercer pierced my nose with a 14 gauge needle. Is that too big for a nose piercing? I read on the internet the standard size is a 20g. and when I want to change the stud should I use a 14g or a higher one like 16?

  9. I just recently got my nose pierced. My piercer used a hoop instead of a stud, and he told me I could come back to the shop within 3 days to get a better nose ring. I got cleaning spray to keep it clean. I ran out of that lol, I didnt have sea salt so I used regular salt. I take care of it everyday. The first 4 days it was sore, I had some bleeding. Tomorrow will make my nose piercing a week, and so far it looks like it's healing perfectly. I still have my hoop in, to give my nose time to heal more before changing it.

  10. Hi their 🙂 do you by chance have an email I can email you photos of my nose ring and a send a voice note because it's to long to type and I just need advice xxx

  11. I was listening to this as I was washing my face and my nose piercing decided to come out.-.- I got it back in, but hell, my luck lol

  12. my nose bump thingi is like inside my nose! is that normal? ive tried seasalt and asprin but its only shrunkin but not gone away! what should i do?

  13. I have one right now and I have also tried many things. I went to the people who pieced it and they said after changing the piercing it should go away in around a week… nope it's been more than 2 weeks. I've had this bump for a while. I went to the doctors and they told me to take it out. I don't need to take it out though. They were scaring me with all these suggestions like it was a perminant scar and I'd always have it and it would grow back. They also said it could be a keloid.
    I'm extremely selfconcious about it now… I won't post pictures of that side of my face anymore(used to be my "best" side). I'll have to try the tea tree oil. I really want it to go ;-;

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