24 thoughts on “Re: How to get rid of a *MIGRAINE* Headache using EFT Technique

  1. Everyone keeps talking about the front of the head when mine is a searing pain from the base of one side of my skull radiating to my jaw and neck.

  2. Thanks Emma, I just have to be more motivated.But positive comments like yours are what I look forward to:)

  3. Luckily the migraines occur only during my cycle.I also believe meditation…and paying attention to triggers help a lot.

  4. As I said, Unfortunately It could be litterally one of a million reasons why people get migrains. I’ve just listed a few of the common ones. Do you smoke at all? I know If I over do it that could set it off for me.

    This may sound silly but 1-10 how mentally active would you say you have to be durring your day to day routines? over taxing the brain is a known cause of prolong severe migaines. I’m not into the new age cures or anything wacky. But meditation really helps me.

    or see doctor 😛

  5. yea but ive eaten cheese,chocolate and all the usual stuff before and never got migraines and have been under a lot of stress before and never got them ,i keep a diary,i got one in jan,feb, and then none till this month and it was a BIG one,i usually get auras with mine but this month i got none just a massive migraine that lasted for 2 days,i didnt do anything out of the ordinary to trigger it,well i dont think i did,i thought mine mite be hormonal but then some months i get none,hard to say

  6. you should keep a diary if you don’t already. It coiuld help you ID what the triggers are. Migaines have many triggers. certain triggers may affect some people and not others.

    Apart from the causes I mentioned in earlier post. Too much of some foods can also cause migrain. Cheese is a trigger for me, which sucks coz I love pizza! some say chocolate can also be a trigger, but I dont know if that’s true in my case.

    Stress is a common one. I try to quiet my mind with classical music or sleep

  7. when i get my migraines my blood pressure is perfectly normal!my doctor has checked it and i also got it checked at the hospital when i had a bad one last wk,so it doesnt cause my migraines, yea my head throbs but rubbing my temples dont help,the only thing tht eases is a bit is strong pain killers!

  8. That’s where you’re wrong high blood pressure cause can vascular headaches, also known as migraine headaches. As blood flows faster the vessels enlarges and pain occurs. throbbing or pounding can affect the temples, forehead, around the eyes or back of the head.

    Next time you have a migraine touch your fingers to your temple and tell me its not enlarged or throbbing. mine always are!

    besides I never said high blood was the only cause. there are also many other triggers

  9. migraines have nothing to do with high or low blood pressure so this would make no difference to cure a migraine !!!!! get your facts right!

  10. Hi Sasha, I love your videos, you’ve got a great presentation style, and your advice is great. It would be great to see more if you’ve got more to share! Also, you mention a website, can you give a link? Many thanks, best wishes Emma xxx

  11. Masterbation!!! it works 75% of the time. Orgasms, floods your brain with good chemicals and lowers your blood pressure. which helps with migrains caused by high blood pressure or chemical from certain foods. Any Doctor or Nurse will confirm this.

    If that fails, drink lots of water, go to bed in a dark room. Meditate or try clearing your mind and control your breathing. This should help with all other common causes like, Dehydration, bad posture, lack of oxygen, stress and light sensitiviy xD

  12. You can get the generic sumatripan from the UK or India for about $5 a pil or less. You have to be careful though with some of those overseas sites. I would use a prepaid card because one time I started getting unknown charges and had to cancel my card. I have insurance now here in the USA and get 9 pills for $20 and 6 injection for $20. I posted a video of me giving myself one of the shots. I you can get rid of them without drugs even better.

  13. Have you tried any of the other triptan drugs like Maxalt or Zomig? Some work better for some than others. Imitrex kicks in really fast and can be a little overwhelming for some.

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