Relocating A Wasp Nest – Don’t Do This!!!

Relocating a wasp’s nest with a 12 gauge. In today’s how to vlog I set about relocating a hornets nest. This diy method seems to work with any sort of bitting insect like bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, etc.



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20 thoughts on “Relocating A Wasp Nest – Don’t Do This!!!

  1. There no wasp's stupid there hornet's, if this dumbass had left them alone they would not attack that's from a old country boy

  2. I would guess there are anti-gun activists out there who would say the reason for "don't do this" is because it involves the use of a gun and has nothing to do with getting stung to death by the hornets…Hence that 'Frisco leftist bunch of globalists who support things like Agenda 2030, the Fart Tax, Common Core education and the abolition of the 2nd amendment (that same bunch who rioted and pooped on American flags after the election of 2016) would stand there and throw rocks at the hornet's nest thinking they are safe as long as they are not using a "big bad nasty gun" to do the job…I wouldn't put it past some of those brain fries who lived in places like Los Angeles and Chicago all their life to whack it with sticks and broom handles like whacking a piñata. And while they're zooming high on their head meds, assuring each other, "Heeyyy, yo Dude. Like, uh, everything's cool. If hornet's nests were so bad-ass, this one wouldn't be here to start with, Dude".

    I used a method back in the 1970s at my mom and dad's place to rid a hornet's nest built in a wren box. The wren box was up on the front gable of a large, wood frame shed.
    Most people don't know this, but stinging insects are generally not out flying around at night. I simply waited until nightfall. At an hour after sunset, I duct taped a large size spray can of Raid insecticide to a long bamboo cane fishing pole.
    I then duct taped the nozzle of the spray can in the down position so it would continuously spray.
    With the can constantly spraying, I raised the can on the bamboo cane pole up to the wren box and aimed the spray directly into the opening of the wren box. And I held it there until the contents of the can of Raid was entirely depleted…
    …I even waited for all the propellant gas to stop hissing out before moving the spray can back away from the opening of the wren box.
    The following morning, we took the wren box down, removed the back of it, and counted 73 dead hornets in it…all of which were drenched in insecticide.

    We did dispose of the wren box afterwards. That was because all that insecticide impregnated in the wood it was made from would have poisoned any wren who tried to set up home in it.

  3. Yep tried that when I was a kid. Shot one with a .22 rifle while hiding behind the edge of our garage. They didn't find me, but they sure found my grandma's cat who happened to walk behind me into the yard. Who knew cats could run that fast.

  4. Why did you only shoot it once…. should have shot it a couple times until there was nothing left that way there was nothing to worry about. Smh

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