Remove Rust from Chrome | Cleaning Chrome

Remove Rust from Chrome | Cleaning Chrome

Cleaning up some old exhaust tips for the 68 GMC using nothing but common household items. This was a trick that I learned from a episode of “American Restoration” that I watched years ago and I have had nothing but luck with this technique.

7 thoughts on “Remove Rust from Chrome | Cleaning Chrome

  1. i wanted video on, how to rechrome or put chrome on. not clean it. lol got this video. btw, i use sos pads,dremel, and vinegar to remove rust. works on tools.. thx for video.

  2. Don't use water to rub, wash with soap then dry, do the same method but use WD40 with the foil, works better and leaves a protect-ant on any chips or deep scratches

  3. Rust on chrome comes from the base metal UNDER the chrome, unless the chrome surface has been contaminated with iron/steel on the surface. The rust will return if a chemical conversion process is not implemented and/or the chrome surface is sealed from water and air.

  4. fire fox, Never tried but Test on a different piece so you don't ruin the good one and don't start with the heavy duty foil since the brasso may not lubricate as well as the soap (could scuff chrome). Let me know how it works out for you and hope it helped

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