20 thoughts on “Ringworm and Eczema Nail polish cure – Part 1

  1. Ringworm is a fungus which always will live in your body, it will go to sleep, ly dormant as in sleep.
    Disfunction all liver. Remember this outbreak is the body's only way of letting you know it b wants to dump or get ride of bad stuff in your body. Rejoice in the break out! This a alarm- wake up your liver is sick!

  2. i wish i was as a calm as you, ive got a few tiny rashes i just noticed an hour ago below my breasts and its driving me crazzyyyyy and im freaking out!! but cant see the dr till monday :(…. and then thers this guy who has these huge rashes and he jus…. ignores it and then puts some nail polish on it.

  3. Boy I put liquid bandage on mine on my back last night and it burned like a BITCH don't know how the fuck I got it I want to kill it now

  4. I had before in my legs, take one cloves of garlic and rub in affected area once a day. And believe me it works

  5. There are a few suggestions to try
    consure higher quantities of fruit and vegatables.
    Drink more liquids
    eliminate drinking of alcohol.
    cut down your stress level.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Enata skin system site )

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