Soft Skin in between the Toe | callus in the foot | ID Corns Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau


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In this video Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau will remove callus and soft tissue from between the toe. Corns and calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin that develop when your skin tries to protect itself against friction and pressure. They most often develop on the feet and toes or hands and fingers. Corns and calluses can be unsightly. If you’re healthy, you need treatment for corns and calluses only if they cause discomfort. For most people, simply eliminating the source of friction or pressure makes corns and calluses disappear. If you have diabetes or another condition that causes poor blood flow to your feet, you’re at greater risk of complications from corns and calluses. Seek your doctor’s advice on proper care for corns and calluses if you have such a condition.

When it grows innetween the toes, they are very tricky to take out as the tissue is very attached to the toe.

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20 thoughts on “Soft Skin in between the Toe | callus in the foot | ID Corns Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau

  1. I used a corn plaster once and it ate the skin around it first thing I did was peel it till it was completely raw how do they not pick at these things themselves! I know you shouldn't so kudos to them

  2. Poor guy must have been in agony. I really hope his job doesn't involve standing. The worst part for me watching was you holding and pulling the toe to get at the corn. The thought of pulling my toes apart or anyone else doing that to me makes me feel weak 🀒

  3. That was strange! Amazing how much build up of skin was"in between" the toes!!! Looking forward to more videos of this one!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ‘£πŸ§

  4. I actually have the same problem between hard callus skin between my toes. What I normally do is a contort myself and use a callus reducer in between them. Sometimes I draw blood and sometimes I remove the callus to fifty-fifty shot when I do it myself!

  5. As a youngster growing up, I accidentally stepped on a 'tack' which penetrated my foot about the same exact location. For years, I suffered a similar problem with overgrowth of tissue between toes. What is the term for this?

  6. He was a very brave man! I would have have to be knocked out under general anaesthetic for you to perform that procedure. My foot would be twitching all over the place!

  7. I've had this problem for years. The build up always comes back. Is there any long term permanent solution for this problem?

  8. i am a dancer and i have a soft corn in between my 4th and 5th toes and mike looks like the after of this video but it is still causing me a ton of pain to the point where i can not do pointe, what should i do!?!?

  9. URRR MA GAWD! I just about fractured my dogs ribs such was the ferocity of my stroking in conjunction with the scalpel movements…. It’s quite literally hypnotic… Guess my wifi date needs increased πŸ™„

  10. I'm impressed by foot doctors work, but I'm more impressed that these people don't pick at these things themselves (if they're able that is, obviously)

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