Symptoms of a UTI

Symptoms of a UTI

It’s a common medical condition that affects more than 3 million people each year. Dr. Jonathan Brisson, a family medicine physician with Lee Health, says urinary tract infections can happen at any age. “It’s probably the most common bacterial infections that we diagnose in medicine.”

Urinary tract infections, or UTI’s, are most common in women. “They are more common in post-menopausal women, but it can also be more common in younger women that are becoming more sexual active,” said Dr. Brisson.

UTI is an infection of the urinary system. “Typically either the urethra, which is the tube where urine comes out, or the bladder, or going all the way up to the kidneys,” said Dr. Brisson.

It’s usually caused by bacteria. “Sometimes new sexual activity can be a cause, if you have poor hygiene, sometimes like our elderly patients may get it more frequently because they’re not cleaning well,” said Dr. Brisson.

The symptoms can vary from minor irritation with urination, to fevers, chills, even vomiting. Patients may urinate more frequently, and if the infection is severe, patients may experience back pain. “If it goes untreated it can affect the kidneys,” said Dr. Brisson.

One way to prevent a UTI is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. “One of the ways the bladder helps to protect itself is to urinate and to clean itself out,” said Dr. Brisson.

If a patient has symptoms, doctors can prescribe antibiotics. It’s important to pay attention to your body, and to not let the infection go too long without treatment.

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20 thoughts on “Symptoms of a UTI

  1. I want to give a big tip to all the women out there that they don't teach about UTIs. This method works and is very effective and it has saved me hospital visits. So you get your first sign of a UTI. Gosh the pain the agony you'll do anything to make it stop. Have no fear just run to you kitchen and grab a shot glass and vinegar. Any kind will do. Pour the vinger in the shot glass and addhear it to you lady parts. If you have the urge to go while doing this. Just let it happen the more you open that muscle while doing this you kill all the bacteria at the source. Do this for about 5 mins. You can do this many times a day if need be. I'm not a doctor I'm just an experienced person. I hope this helps someone. P.S. Guys can do this too you know just in case .

  2. okay so rn im having what feels like a muscle cramp in my lower abdomen. i woke up with it and it hurt EXTREMELY bad but the pain dulled down after i slowly drank a cup of water. it's been about 8 hours since then and im still cramping a little down there. im nervous bc i do pee a lot and when i do sometimes (not always) its cloudy if i havent had enough water. no orange pee and no pain while peeing. a while ago my urethra hurt a little on the outside part but i heard that happened when you held pee for too long so i started going to the bathroom right away when i get the urge and the pain went away and i havent had it since. sometimes i think my pee smells bad but i cant tell if its abnormal or if pee just normally doesnt smell good. i also have bad anxiety (which is why im here lol) and ive heard that can make you pee more often than other people but idkk im still pretty scared

  3. Mine is so fucking annoying, it may be different from most of u that I just feel like peeing every fucking time but when I go to the damn toilet and take out my dick, nothing or a very small amount of pee comes out but with no burning sensation. This shit is fucking weird idk what's wrong with me tho.

  4. Soooo idk if I have a UTI or not. My pee is clear like there’s no bubbles or cloudiness and it doesn’t have a odor or anything and it doesn’t burn when I pee. I did just get off my period so idk if it’s just irritation from getting off of it.

  5. Okay.. I’m kinda scared. I have none of the symptoms, but I still feel pain when I pee…. I’m scared to tell anyone.. Can anyone tell me what’s happening?

  6. I have UTI right now, and im unable to go to the doctor since im on vacation, it just started when i went to the bathroom at a gas station, at first it just hurt and i felt like i needed to pee even when im done, then it started to burn and it looks very orange, im actually scared because my mom has been asking me if i had it before we took off driving and i told her no because i would have been complaining constantly, and it just hurts like hell

  7. I have utis due to my old urologist and Riverside Hospital in Columbus Ohio failing to mention that I would get from gold markers in my prostate and 42 bouts of radiation

  8. Idk if I have this but it started today when I held in my pee really hard and for a long time and after I got really sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach and I got a fever and feel cold and I have slight nausea. I feel miserable but I'm not sure if it's this or not….

  9. One of the most annoying things ever. The desire to pee all the time sounds mild but it is extremely annoying and even painful. and interrupting my daily routine massively. I can't leave the house to have fun like this..or at all 😔. Literally had sex the following day it started. Fucking men ruining my life and my private part.

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