My High Blood Pressure Cure ~ 3 EASY Steps

High Blood Pressure is a result of lifestyle.
Natural Botox ~ Irish Moss
Yes! Plant Foods Can Heal You. e-Book

Michelle’s SIMPLE 123 Heal Yourself Guide

CALM Magnesium I take.

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How To Remove Blood Stains │Blood Stain Removal │Health Care

How To Remove Blood Stain At home.
Blood stain removal is a situation that many house keepers have stressed and worried about. It’s important to remember that once a blood stain has dried into your clothes then the blood pigments can dye your clothing rendering it useless, however in this video some tips and & advice to help you remove the blood stain quickly and effectively. So click the subscribe button and the bell icon for more videos.
1. Baking Soda.
Baking soda is a very common and effective ingredient that can help you to remove blood stain easily. Mix one part baking soda with two parts cold water in a bowl and dab onto the stain using a cloth. Leave for thirty to forty minutes, then wipe off all remaining residue. Repeat the processes if needed.
2. Lemon.
To lighten dried-in blood, simply rub half a lemon over the stain and sprinkle some table salt on top. Leave for ten minutes, and then use a damp cloth to draw out what’s remaining as part of your dried blood stain removal process.
3. Hydrogen Peroxide.
Using a small amount, dab onto the stain, and then blot with a paper towel. Whilst it is safe to use, hydrogen peroxide acts like a bleaching agent, so be aware that it could damage the color of certain fabric. Always test on a small area first and make sure you take all safety precautions by reading the label and wearing protective clothing.

4. Hairspray.
If all else fails, try hairspray. Simply apply directly onto the stain, leave for up to a minute, and wipe away the residue with damp cloth. Do this method until the stain has gone.

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► TOP 10 Causes Of High Blood Pressure

► TOP 10 Causes Of High Blood Pressure

How I lowered my dad’s blood pressure, without drugs or diets

Top 10 Causes Of High Blood Pressure
1. AGE

Most people don’t realize that AGE is one of the BIGGEST factors for high blood pressure. I discuss this in my very important article, but what’s important to note is that after the age of 40, 33% of the population has high blood pressure and after the age of 60, over 71% of the population has hypertension!

So, if you’re over the age of 40 and have high blood pressure, it may not be your fault. But it IS your responsibility to fix it right away and here is how I lowered my dad’s blood pressure naturally, in just 30 days.


Well, not much can be done here. This is in fact my own problem because I have a family history (on my dad’s side) of hypertension, heart attacks and especially strokes.

You can read more about it, include my personal favorite solution that my dad, my family and I use to promote healthy blood pressure levels, naturally!


Come on people, smoking has NO health benefits. STOP smoking!


A little bit of alcohol is okay, especially if it’s organic red wine. But drinking every night will cause damage to your heart, arteries and liver. Alcohol is a toxic and it’s acidic, both being bad for your body.


Similar to smoking, being overweight has no health benefits. And the older you get, the harder it is to lose that unwanted fat.


Salt has its benefits actually. Regular table salt or salt found in processed foods and packages is BAD for you. However, “natural” salts such as Himalayan rock or Celtic sea salt is GOOD for you and can actually help LOWER blood pressure. I’ll discuss this in a future article.


Well know stress is bad. However, you can’t get rid of it. What’s important is the MEANING you give to stressful situations.

If you freak out, get negative and focus on the problem the entire time … you put your body under extra stress. The secret is to focus on the SOLUTION and to know that “this too shall pass” and worrying about the problem isn’t going to help anything… Especially our blood pressure or heart.


We sit too much these days. Just get outside and walk daily, even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes. It’ll do wonders for your physical AND mental health!


This goes back to “genetics”. And if you know you have a genetic “problem”, which is making things worse, then you MUST make changes to your life-style because your body is more sensitive than the average person.

This is a similar problem with my dad and why he had a stroke.


Ironically, many “heart” medications actually cause more heart PROBLEMS in the long run. They can increase your cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure levels. They can decrease blood flow and circulation.

And they all cause extra stress on your liver and kidneys, which then cause more problems for your heart.

Click here for a natural solution:

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If You Have High Blood Pressure or Varicose Veins, Start Doing These

Bright Side prepared a variety of foods that improve your blood circulation. These little tips will have a positive effect on your health and help you get rid of varicose veins for good.

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7 Fruits That Cure High Blood Pressure

7 Fruits That Cure High Blood Pressure

While taking high blood pressure supplements and medication (consult you doctor for that) , you can use the given heart healthy foods that contain the optimum nutrition including herbs and vitamins. Using them, you can develop your blood pressure recipes and a high blood pressure diet and a heart healthy diet and naturally lower your high blood pressure at home. Follow these high blood pressure home remedies and share your experience in the comment box.
WARNING: consult a medical professional before adding grapefruit juice to your diet. because Grapefruit juice may interact with some medicines you are taking. My Amazon link for coup[on Discounts and offers :
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Reduce high blood pressure in 5 minutes without medication | High BP treatment

Please watch: “BODY POLISHING SCRBU – In 5 Days Get Bright, Glowing & Suntan Free Skin | Best exfoliating scrub for body”


Reduce high blood pressure in 5 minutes without medication | High BP treatment

How to control high blood pressure naturally

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Quick Tip: How to Remove Blood Stains | A Thousand Words

Quick Tip: How to Remove Blood Stains | A Thousand Words

How to remove blood stains from fabric, even if they have been washed and dried. Please be careful and test an unobtrusive part of the fabric first!

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Broken Blood Vessels On Face: How To Get Rid Of Them

For a very effective home treatment that will help you to get rid of your facial spider veins, please visit our website:

In this video, I will reveal why broken blood vessels appear on your face and how to reduce their expansion.

Broken blood vessels usually occur on face to people having fair, thin or very sensitive skin.

The main factors that contribute to capillaries bursting are:

Genetics, since spider veins do tend to run in families,

Hormonal changes, with aging or pregnancy,

And illness, with rosacea and poor blood circulation.

Furthermore, some lifestyle factors can accelerate your red veins development.

Knowing how to reduce them will help you to postpone your capillaries bursting.

Major external factor known to accelerate spider veins formation are:
*Extreme temperatures

Here are some advices that will help you protect your capillaries:

#1 Protect your skin from sun light with a PF 30+ sunscreen and wear a hat

#2 Avoid washing your face with hot water. Use warm water instead

#3 Don’t overindulge in alcohol and have some red wine moderately

#4 Avoid sauna, turkish baths and hot tub

#5 Put a scarf on your face when you go in cold wind

If you carefully follow these advices, you will increase your chances to delay your capillaries bursting.

However, if you need to get rid of your remaining spider veins right now, some effective home remedies exists

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For a very effective home treatment that will help you to get rid of your facial spider veins.


6 Vegs That Cure High Blood Pressure

6 Vegs That Cure High Blood Pressure

This video shows vegetables that cure high blood pressure. Research shows that 80% of Type 2 diabetes patients have high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure dont’ forget to check these 10 Potassium Rich Foods as well. Visit Post:
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