Parasite Cleanse Frequency Healing – Get Rid Of Nasty Worms, Flukes And Other Parasites

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Parasite Cleanse Frequency Healing – Get Rid Of Nasty Worms, Flukes And Other Parasites

Over the years our body accumulates nasty and often very dangerous parasites from countless sources. It is advisable to cleanse your body of any parasites on a regular basis and keep it free of nasty intruders.

You can use this recording on its own. If you want quicker and more lasting results it is advisable to follow a dietary/supplemental cleansing routine over a certain period of time.

This recording will help your body to get rid of parasites like worms etc. The more often you watch, the better the results will be.

To help your body flush out the remains you should drink plenty of pure water while doing the detox and listening to these recordings.

This is not a substitute medical advice. Please always consult with a qualified healthcare professional. These frequencies have been tested by thousands of people and found beneficial for the purpose above. However, if you experience any discomfort immediately stop listening to the recording and come back at a later time.

Best experienced with headphones. Please do not use these recordings if you are:
Suffering from seizures
Wearing a pacemaker
Operating any machinery or driving

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Medical Disclaimer: Sound healing is an energy based healing method. This recording is not intended to represent that it is used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem, physical or psychological disorder, nor is it intended as a substitute for seeking professional health care advice. For legal purposes it is understood that this video has been posted for the purpose of entertainment only.

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Parasite Cleanse: 5 Steps Of A Successful Parasite Cleanse

Learn How To Cleanse Your Body From Parasites. Expert Eric Bakker shares 5 steps to cleanse your body from parasites once and for all.

To find out if you have parasites check this video it goes over 10 signs and symptoms of parasite.

In that video you will learn if you have parasite or not.

If after watching the video you find that you have parasites.

Then this video will teach you step by step how to get rid of parasites.

I have shared 5 steps to a proper parasite cleanse that will get rid and remove parasites from your body.

Anyone looking for a best parasite cleanse that will work then this is the video.

I will do further videos about parasite cleanse diet,.

If you have any questions about my natural parasite cleanse or parasite treatment. Let me know.

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Candida Cleanse: How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse & Get Rid of Candida Overgrowth

Learn how to do a proper candida cleanse to eliminate candida yeast overgrowth from your body. 3 steps in order to do the right candida cleanse that will actually work.

Learning how to best overcome Candida overgrowth can be daunting, especially when you feel you have to drastically change your eating and lifestyle habits. This guide provides three steps to break down and simplify the cleansing process. Check out for more information and to take a quiz that will establish your symptoms and risk factors for an infection.


Before plunging into a diet headfirst, spend the first two weeks making adjustments to begin different habits. This softer approach helps develop awareness of what you consume and eases you into your cleanse. Stop all alcohol, cut down caffeine to no more than two cups per day. Clean out your fridge and pantry of bottles and jars, as these may contain molds and yeast.

After the initial two weeks, transition into mevy diet (meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt). This is similar to a Paleo diet in that it focuses on fiber and high, lean protein, such as free-range chicken, eggs, and fish. Nuts, seeds, and beans are options, especially for vegans. To avoid digestive upset, such as bloating, slowly incorporate these foods into your diet over 1-2 months to allow the bacteria in your gut to acclimate to breaking down the nutrients. The mevy approach avoids sugars, which will starve Candida. There is no exact time period for this diet, but 1-3 months is average.

After you’re accustomed to this diet, the next step is to a low-allergy diet. Dairy, bananas, oranges, chocolate, peanuts are removed for 4-12 weeks. After this stage, begin reintroducing foods into your meals. Be sure to include anti-candida foods that fight candida and bad bacteria like coconut oil, clove, and oregano oil.

Along with anti-candida nutrients, prebiotic foods will help continue fighting yeast and feed probiotics in the gut, respectively. Probiotics provide healthy immunity, counter bad bacteria, and even B and K vitamin production. Darker colored vegetables, asparagus, and sweet potatoes are good options. Purple foods, such as cabbage or carrots, are also rich in prebiotic activity. Some options, like grapes, can be introduced later in the cleansing stages.


Lifestyle is critical to recovering health, and often the most difficult to adjust. Your daily habits affects immunity, nervous system, hormones, adrenals, and other functions. No matter how healthy you eat, factors like stress and sleep deprivation will prevent your body from fighting Candida and restoring balance.

Be mindful of your work-life balance, and limit the blurs with working after you get home, or being constantly plugged into technology. Set aside time during your waking hours for relaxation, or leisure time. This allows the nervous system to regenerate and digest, and sets the brain up for proper sleeping patterns.

Improved relaxation methods and sleeps affect attitude, which is another important consideration. Positive attitudes and a good mindset are psychologically important for overcoming illness. Have a good laugh, enjoy your food by chewing it thoroughly, and find little ways to enjoy life.

Exercise is another must for cleansing, recovering, and maintaining health. Find an enjoyable activity or blend of exercise options, and be consistent in your program. Walking, swimming, or joining a martial arts class (an especially good option if you thrive in group settings) are just a few ways to get your body moving. Exercising supports detoxification, immune function, mood, and overall health.


Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore are products with powerful blends and proper levels of ingredients to support a proper Candida diet. Canxida Remove is not just antifungal, antibacterial, but also fights parasites. The herbal complex works to cleanse everything from the mouth through the rectum, and prevents die-off symptoms often experienced when yeast cells are killed. Always take it with food, and works throughout the day because of the sustained release.

Canxida Restore has 6 probiotics and 7 enzymes to support healthy gut flora and nutrient digestion. There are no prebiotics in the blend, as people report products with them blended in may cause negative side effects such as gas and brain fog. Instead, consuming foods rich in prebiotics as previously mentioned allows each individual to adjust their needed amount. Restore can also be used as a standalone product, especially for those with food sensitivities or allergies.

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Parasite Cleanse Diet – Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid – One of the best ways to help the body destroy and get rid of unwanted parasites is following a parasite cleanse diet. This diet should be taken for at least 2 months to give your body an opportunity to get rid of all kinds of parasites and eggs that are hidden in different organs.

Parasites in the body can originate from several sources, such as raw meat, tainted water, pets or other animals.

A good parasite cleanse diet involves eating herbs and natural whole foods that will help the body eliminate parasites.