Cold & Flu Treatments : How to Ease Cold Symptoms

The best way to ease cold symptoms is by using saltwater in a neti pot, using nasal sprays, taking honey for a cough and using antibiotics for more serious colds. Learn how to make get rid of cold symptoms with help from a pediatrician in this free video on cold symptoms.

Expert: Dr. David Hill
Bio: Dr. David Hill is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Internal Medicine and Pediatrics combined residency.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Series Description: There are many types of cold and flu treatments that can help someone avoid an uncomfortable flu season. Stay virus free with help from a pediatrician in this free video series on cough and cold treatments.

How to Ease a Stomach Virus

How to Ease a Stomach Virus. Part of the series: Medical Conditions & Treatments. When treating a stomach virus or viral infection, the most important thing is to stay hydrated so that lost fluids may be recovered. Learn about helpful fluids that have a balanced solution of sugar and salt with help from a pediatrician in this free video on stomach viruses. Read more:
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Yoga Position to Ease Painful Bloating & Gas : Yoga for Better Health

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Yoga positions to ease painful bloating and gas work on the midsection and your connective tissues. Find out about a great yoga position to ease painful bloating and gas with help from the President and founder of YogaFit, Inc. in this free video clip.

Expert: Beth Shaw
Filmmaker: Nick Brosco

Series Description: Yoga is great for a wide variety of different reasons, including the fact that it can help relieve stress and actually make you look younger. Get tips on yoga with help from the President and founder of YogaFit, Inc. in this free video series.
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Healing music for Body, Mind, Spirit: Help Ease Tinnitus with binaural beats

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MP3 download available here: Tinnitus is a physical symptom that can be experienced as a ringing in the ears or a certain noise, when there is no physical noise/sound present.

It is usually caused by some fault in the hearing system. The sound may arise in 4 possible sections of the ear – the outer ear, inner ear, middle ear or even the brain itself. It can cause ear pain, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and/sleep. This music has been embedded with isochronic tones and binaural beats that slowly ramp up from 12 Hz to 20 hz, and then back to 14 Hz. It is the 20 Hz that has been said to relieve Tinnitus.

Please wear headphones.

We use Neuro-Programmer for our Binaural Beats Music and Entrainment. Click here for details:

This HEALING Music using brainwave entrainment (BWE) actually entrains (coaches) your brain to respond in a more relaxed and balanced way.

The embedded SOUND Therapy naturally assists your brain to steady its own inner reactivity and so calm troublesome feelings of stress, anxiety, panic, frustration, hyper-alertness and distress .. including Chronic Pain and Nerve Pain.

USE Headphones and LISTEN twice daily for maximum benefit.

Ways to Battle Morning Sickness | How to Ease Nausea in Pregnancy

Ways to Battle Morning Sickness | How to Ease Nausea in Pregnancy

I wanted to film a video for all of those out there ( like me) dealing with some of the nausea, vomiting, queasiness in early pregnancy. Many have given me advice on ways to help curb morning sickness symptoms that seem to help and I wanted to share.
We’re finally pregnant with baby #1 (and #2!) through our first In-Vitro round, after years of trying to conceive and struggling through many failed IUI’s.

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How to Ease Cramps on your Period

Hey guys! Last week you asked me for a period-friendly workout. Here are my tips on what to eat and drink to make your cramps go away along with some soothing exercises that will relax your lower belly area. Cramps are no fun!

Please comment or tweet me with some funny period stories you have using the hashtag #thattimeofthemonth – it’ll be fun to read and laugh together!

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