Bruises: 12 Effective Home Remedies to Heal It Quickly

Bruises: 12 Effective Home Remedies to Heal It Quickly

Bruises occur when small blood vessels gets damaged due to a blow, knock or a bump to your outer skin layers. It becomes more visible when these blood vessels leaks blood to the surrounding tissues. Most bruises appear in black and blue colors.

Normally bruises disappear by itself within 10 to 14 days, however, you can speed up this healing process through these simple home remedies.

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VIDEO DIY Extremely Effective Gnat Trap | Gnat Catcher

Living in the Ozarks, we get a lot of these annoying gnats every summer that can just drive you mad! As I spend lots of time behind a computer, having these little critters flying in my eye, ears, etc. is beyond annoying.

Learn how I deal with this problem by making an effective gnat trap. Put several around the house and within a few hours you will see the difference.

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Pilonidal Cyst Natural Remedy | Easy, Cheap, Effective

Evidently pilonidal cysts are common at two extremes, athletes and completely sedentary people. Either way they are painful, annoying, and frustrating. After scouring the net I found a really quick and easy temporary solution. It is inexpensive and surprisingly effective.

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7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of All Insects at Home

Are there any effective and harmless methods of getting rid of any insects? Unfortunately, the chemical pesticides sold in stores are way too toxic and harmful to be used anywhere near your home, family, or pets. If these chemicals can kill insects, surely they cannot be good for you! That’s why it’s better to use something natural and safe.

Cockroaches 1:01
Ticks 1:57
Garden pests 3:37
Spiders 5:04
Ants 5:51
Dust mites 6:36
Weevils 7:56

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– If you want to get rid of these pests, there are many products you can get from the store, but most of them are usually highly toxic. This can be especially dangerous if you have small kids or pets.
– Ticks can spread terrible diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, ehrlichiosis, and tularemia. Some of these conditions can be fatal.
– One of the ways to get rid of garden pests is to create a special repellent with the use of tobacco. This product is especially effective if you need to scare away worms, aphids, and caterpillars.
– This natural repellent won’t kill spiders, but it will keep them away because they don’t like strong smells.
– Ants absolutely hate the smell of cinnamon. That’s why you should put cinnamon powder in places where you think the ants are entering. For more effective results, you can add some essential oil to the cinnamon powder.
– These things are so tiny that you can’t even see them with the naked eye. But unfortunately, if you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not around. They live in household dust, prefer warmer places, and their favorite food is skin flakes.
– Weevils prefer grains and seeds but can also appear in flour or even pancake mix. The larvae of these bugs live and develop inside your food supplies. And you don’t even suspect anything until one month after their birth when they suddenly appear in your food.

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खुले रोम छिद्रों को कैसे बंद करें ?? Open Pores Treatment at home | 100% Natural Effective |

Treat open pores
Enlarge pores treatment at home
Natural Effective way to get rid of large open pores
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5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Pinworms Naturally – How To Get Rid Of Pinworms

How to treat pinworms? The thought of being infected by worms can be a little creepy, but you’d be surprised how common intestinal worm infections are in the United States. And pinworm is the most common cause of these infections. It’s important to note that pinworms can be highly contagious. So people who live with or are involved in caring for the infected person should also be treated at the same time to keep the infection from passing back and forth. Both prescription and over-the-counter medicines are available to treat this infection.
If you are also looking for natural remedies available at home or based on herbs, here’s what you’ll find useful.

5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Pinworms Naturally – How To Get Rid Of Pinworms | Best Home Remedies
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14 Tips for Rosacea That Really Work | Effective Skin Care Tips for Rosacea | Do & Don't

14 Tips for Rosacea That Really Work | Effective Skin Care Tips for Rosacea | Do & Don't

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It’s not like you drunk…or even did hefty exercise…for those of you that don’t know why your cheeks are so red all the time, it can be pretty stressful, right?
That’s why our next Do & Don’t episode is on rosacea!
We’ve prepared 7 dos and 7 don’ts to prevent and improve rosacea, so stay tuned!

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How to get rid of a double chin? Even young and slim girls can get it! We all know that eating right and being physically active are good habits, but did you know you should train your facial muscles just like you train your body? Otherwise, they lose their firmness as you age. No worries – you don’t need a gym or special equipment for the following exercises. You can perform them right now in front of your computer. So, let’s begin!

Warming up 0:41
Exercise #1. The scoop 0:59
Exercise #2. Nose touching 1:26
Exercise #3. Pulling your cheeks up 1:44
Exercise #4. “Kiss the giraffe” 2:06
Exercise #5. Resistance 2:37
Exercise #6. Puffy cheeks 3:02
Exercise #7. Smile 3:25

#doublechin #facialexercises

– Move your lower jaw forward and backward and then side to side. Do all movements slowly and smoothly without sudden jerks. Repeat eight to ten times.
– Open your mouth, and roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth. Imagine that you need to scoop water with your lower jaw. Move your head down in a scooping motion, and close your mouth while lifting your head.
– A double chin is also associated with weak hyoid muscles, so you need to strengthen them. Stick out your tongue as far as possible, and try to reach your nose with the tip of your tongue.
– Turn your head to the left, and pull your lower jaw forward, straining your neck muscles. You should feel the muscles on the left side of your neck stretching. Then turn your head to the right and do the same.
– Lift your face up, and look at the ceiling. Slightly bring your lower jaw forward, and pucker your lips as if you are going to kiss someone. If you’re doing it right, you will feel a strong tension in your neck.
– Make two fists and place them directly under your chin. Then begin to move your lower jaw slightly down on your fists, and strain your muscles, overcoming the resistance. Increase the pressure gradually.
– Inhale deeply through your mouth, and fill it with air. Close the mouth, and puff up your cheeks. Now press your palms on your cheeks so that you feel the tension in your muscles. Hold for three to five seconds, then exhale and relax.
– Clench your teeth with your mouth closed, and stretch the corners of your lips as wide as possible. Now push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, gradually increasing the pressure. If you feel a strong tension in your chin muscles.

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THE PERFECT FRUIT FLY TRAP | easy DIY, effective & simple life hack!

This video explains how my husband and I perfected our fruit fly trap. We get fruit flies in our home that come in with our fruit and vegetables about twice a year. This is the trap that we finally perfected last year. It’s pretty much our biggest cleaning DIY hack win! Much more effective for us than the lemon one we used to use and it’s the easiest way to get rid of them. Apple cider vinegar, the right container, and the right amount of dish soap (kitchen detergent) has been key for us. This homemade method is quick and works for all types of gnats too. Hope you have great success with it! Let me know if you try it how it works for you!


Hi and welcome to my channel! I’m Laura and I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I’m a wife of a resident doctor (Ted), and SAHM of two sweet kids (Charlie, 4 yrs & Bellamy, 1). I aim to make true-to-life vlogs, sometimes weekly, sometimes daily, about motherhood, aspiring to live a minimalist life in Vancouver, travel, ttc, beauty, keto diet grocery hauls and recipes, & budgeting…amongst other things! I share these videos to connect with you all and as a time-capsule keepsake. I’m very grateful for everyone who watches & I’d love to get to know you too. Please subscribe and leave me a comment- I always write back!

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