The story of how fruit flies, odors and computer science came together at Salk

It might seem like fruit flies would have nothing in common with computers, but Assistant Professor Saket Navlakha explains the story behind how fruit flies and computers identify novel information in similar ways—and why the research matters. Read more at:
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How to Really Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats Really!! (Infestation)

How to Really Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats Really!! (Infestation)

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Why Fruit Flies Are So Hard To Kill

Come summertime, fruit flies arrive in droves. They’re drawn in by the smell of fruit — and by the fungi and other microorganisms that produce rot. Once they land on apples, bananas, and whatever else they can find, they lay hundreds of eggs that hatch into hundreds of maggots, which then pupate into flies. So how can you get rid of them? Make a trap, or just clean up.

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Why Fruit Flies Are So Hard To Kill
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10 Cleaning Hacks to get rid of HOUSE FLIES in Monsoons – TESTED! | Non-Toxic ways

Monsoon is here, which means flies are here as well so in this video I will share 10-amazing non-toxic ways to get rid of house flies from your house so that you can relax and enjoy this rainy weather without worrying about these little stinkers attacking your home.
If you use any 2 combination of hacks I guarantee you that your home will be fly free!

1. Cinnamon fumes
2. Phynyl mopping
3. Lemon counter cleaner
4. Cloves natural repellent
5. Plastic bags
6. Small amount of Oil
7. Camphor / Karpur Fumes
8. Red Chilly powder spray
9. Tulsi or Mint plant
10. Neem oil fly spray
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10 Everyday Habits to keep your house clean and clutter free:

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5 Natural Ways To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home & Garden

Flies are not only annoying, they’re major carriers of disease. They are known to transfer more than 100 pathogens that can result in illness, including cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, and dysentery. They collect those pathogens on their legs and mouths when feeding on trash, faeces and other decaying material.
No one should have to live with these buzzy critters in their house or garden – here are 5 genius-tricks to naturally make your home a fly-free zone.

1.Lemon Stuffed with Cloves
This technique works well for both indoor and outdoor situations and anecdotal evidence suggests it is an effective way of repelling flies. All that needs to be done for this method, is to place whole cloves in a half lemon, and wedge in as many of the cloves as you can fit into the flesh. Place the lemon half in a bowl, and let it do its job.  If you plan on having a barbecue or picnic outside in your garden, be sure to set this up at least 30-minutes prior to sitting out there.

2.Apple Cider Vinegar Trap
Whether the fly problem you’re dealing with is indoors or outdoors, this natural, easy to make flytrap is one of the most effective methods out there.
Simply get a bowl and fill it three-quarters of the way with apple-cider-vinegar and add in a drop of dish soap. The dish soap allows the liquid in the bowl to have a more-firm surface that eventually causes the flies to fall into the vinegar without them being able to predict what’s happening.

3.Lemongrass Oil Repellent
Flies hate the smell of lemongrass, which means that it is yet another fantastic natural resource for eliminating flies from your home and garden. To get the most out of this technique, heat-up about a half cup of water and add in about 20-25 drops of pure lemongrass-oil. Put it all in a spray bottle and spray all of your doors, windows, and infested surfaces. Not only does this mixture repel flies in a very effective way, but it also will make your home smell good and give it an aroma with a hint of fresh citrus.

4.Citronella Smoke
Even though citronella candles are known for being a great mosquito repellent, it’s been found that they are equally effective for getting rid of flies too. Flies hate smoke, and with the added scent of the citronella candle flies will soon scatter. Camphor candles or oil works just as well as any citronella product, but both of these are highly recommended for indoor and outdoor fly problems. It’s helpful to allow the candles to work up to half an hour prior to sitting or working around an area that you might think is infested with these insects.

5.Cinnamon Air Fresheners
Flies absolutely hate the smell of cinnamon, so keep this in mind if you have a problem with this pesky pest the next time you’re in the hunt for a new air freshener. While you can purchase one with this scent, most store-bought fresheners come with a host of chemicals, so it’s best to purchase pure cinnamon essential oil and use it in a variety of ways. You could add a few drops to your favorite diffuser and allow the diffuser to permeate the scent throughout your home.

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How to Get Rid of House Flies (4 Simple Steps) CLICK HERE for our in-depth House Fly control guide, and to get your professional equipment!

Watch how to get rid of house flies guaranteed! This video will show you steps for effective house fly control, using house fly traps and pesticides!

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Or check out our 100% Guaranteed Fly Control Kit that will get rid of most flies in or around your property!


The house fly is one of the most hated and common pests in the world. They can be found in any location around the world, and will infest homes quickly if they detect any rotting or decaying organic matter.

Because house flies feed and breed in rotting material, they can spread harmful bacteria to people and animals, transporting pathogens everywhere they go, so it’s important to perform proper house fly control.

For proper control, you need to identify house fly activity. The common housefly is typically around a fourth of an inch in length. They are usually gray or black in color, with four black stripes on their backs. They have two short wings that do not overlap.

They are attracted to moisture and rotting organic matter, so they can be found in or around trash cans, spoiled food, feces, or compost piles.

To get control of house flies, first sanitize your home. Regularly take out the trash, keeping the garbage in a sealed bin. Clean countertops frequently, clear grease off stove tops, and sweep or mop regularly. If you have pets, pick up or spray down dog droppings and clean cat litter everyday.

Next, use a combination of fly lights, glue traps, and insecticides.

Use Musca-Stik fly traps to capture flies. This is an insecticide-free trap that uses a combination of bright orange paper, glue, and a pheromone attractant to lure and trap the flies. Sprinkle the supplied attractant into the catch basin at the end of the stick. Then hang this in areas you have seen housefly activity. The flies will be attracted to the stick, land, and get stuck – unable to fly away and eventually dying.

If you have flies in a commercial property, you can also use the Mantis fly light trap. This is a light weight, ready to use fly light that uses two, bright UV lights to attract flies. This fly light does not electrocute the flies, but instead lures them to a glue board positioned behind the bulbs where they will get stuck and unable to fly away.

Finally, use Pyrid aerosol as a space spray to kill any remaining flies. Spray the Pyrid where you see fly activity. This does not have a residual, so flies must come into contact with the spray to be effective.

Prevent house flies from returning by keeping your property as clean as possible. Continue to take out the trash, clean kitchens, and minimize decaying organic material.

Houseflies are disgusting and harmful pests, but you can control them yourself with these professional products and tips from Solutions Pest and Lawn. We guarantee these products will help you get control of your housefly problem, and we offer same day shipping to help you get control quickly.

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Make a Genius Fly Trap! (Get Rid of Flies For Good)

Get rid of flies for good with this simple FLY TRAP! All you need are some common household items and maybe some leftovers from your fridge.
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