9 Things to Get Rid of for a Clutter Free Home Minimal Living

Learn the 9 things that I recommond getting rid of for a clutter free home this year. Click SHOW MORE for sources.

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A home full of loud children, dirty laundry and a sink full of dishes can be pretty stressful. But infinitely worse than that is the same chaotic home with piles of clutter everywhere.

If you want a sure way to stress me out give me a simple task, like making dinner, and then put a couple extra kitchen appliances out on the counter and some random pieces from a 50-piece toy set on the kitchen floor.

I absolutely cannot stand clutter. My husband thinks I get a little dramatic about it, but I cannot control my disdain for it. I am amazed at the amount of things I can routinely bring to the thrift store and still have more clutter to go through. It is a constant job and I’m convinced that if I don’t stay on top of it as a daily chore (literally) we would be on the next episode of hoarders.

I have gotten even more serious about getting the clutter out of my life after reading Marie Kondo’s book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The basic premise of the book is to only keep in your home things that inspire joy.

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✔Mix These 2 Ingredients and Your House Will BE FREE OF FLIES – How to get rid of flies in the house

✔Mix These 2 Ingredients and Your House Will BE FREE OF FLIES - How to get rid of flies in the house

✔Mix These 2 Ingredients and Your House Will BE FREE OF FLIES – How to get rid of flies in the house – http://powerhealthyt.com

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Flies are a very ugly pest with which to deal and is not very easy to eradicate.

These small insects, can even contaminate our home, even causing certain types of diseases, such as amebiasis. There are chemicals with which we can combat them, but these can bring us side effects, so it is not advisable to use them.

So in this article we will give you a natural remedy with which you can eliminate the flies and only require two ingredients.
Powerful remedy for flies with only 2 ingredients:

The remedy for flies that we will teach you to prepare next, is very easy to elaborate, besides being 100% natural; Probably, you already have all the ingredients that you need, in your house.

 A spray bottle.
 White vinegar.
 Cinnamon.


Drain some white vinegar into the spray bottle, then add a sprig of cinnamon plus 10 drops of detergent to the preparation.

This is all you need to do to get a powerful natural insecticide to get rid of the flies in your home.

Remember to mix the ingredients very well, shaking the bottle, to achieve a homogeneous and concentrated mixture.

Deep cleans your spaces before applying the remedy for flies; Then spray it all over, and you will see how flies fall before your eyes as if by magic.

In addition, mixing vinegar and cinnamon will give your home a delicious aroma.

Other tips to keep away the flies in your house:

1. Hang bags with vodka: put some plastic bags with vodka inside. Interestingly, flies do not withstand this smell. If you are getting very upset in your body, put some vodka on the skin in areas that are not very sensitive like the eyes.

2. Homemade traps: add sweet additions such as banana, soda, or candy to the inside of a bottle. The flies will try to enter and will not be able to leave by the neck of the bottle: you can later leave them out in the open air by trimming the bottle.

3. Garlic: Flies also do not withstand the smell of garlic, so putting some of their segments on your dinner table or spreading garlic oil in your space will scare them away.

4. Some herbal oils will help you: natural plant oils like citronella, eucalyptus, pepper, eucalyptus will help you.

5. Plants in your home: some aromatic plants inside and outside your home will naturally scare them like elderberry, basil and lavender.

✔Mix These 2 Ingredients and Your House Will BE FREE OF FLIES – How to get rid of flies in the house – https://youtu.be/_XPyZ76Ig5M