HOW TO GET RID OF SCARS ON LEGS FAST? LEARN home remedies for removing old scars from legs & face.

Scars can be caused by acne, pimples or stretch marks! These home remedies will help you to remove old scars. A scar is a permanent part of the skin that grows over an injury. It forms when your body begins to heal after a cut, scrape, burn, or sore. Scars also appear after surgery, infections like chickenpox, or skin conditions like acne. Scars are often thicker and differ in color from the rest of your skin. 
Scars usually become visibly lighter over a period of time but never disappear completely. If a scar looks ugly, there are various treatments that might minimize it.

Scars can mar the beauty of your legs or hands. A simple accident or injury on any part of the body can leave a scar for good. Flawless skin is always admired by all but sometimes pimples and acne can leave obvious scars on the face.

How to remove scars on legs naturally? A mixture of cucumber paste and lime juice is an effective natural remedy for scar removal. Blend the cucumber to form a paste and add one teaspoon of lime juice into it. Apply this on the affected area of the skin and leave it overnight. Wash it off the next day. The lime juice helps lightens the skin and the cucumber helps to remove the scar. 

Ice cubes: They are also beneficial in removing scars. Rubbing an ice cube onto the scarred area helps. 

Let us have an insight into the causes of scars:

1. Pimples and acne: Sometimes facial scars are ugly results of pimples and acne. Infected pimples generally leave these scars on the face that are stubborn and take a long time to fade away.

2. Medical reasons: Benign tumors or boils too can leave scars on any part of your body. These scars are deep rooted and are difficult to lighten. Chicken pox too can leave behind stubborn scars if not treated in time.

3. Stretch marks: Many women are prone to the scars for life due to pregnancy or lack of elasticity in the skin. Men too can be troubled with stretch marks if the skin expands beyond a certain limit. 

Symptoms of scars on the body:

1. Discoloration of the skin: When here is a slight tear in the tissue of the skin, it stretches and a light purple mark appears on the skin. When you observe such a mark, it is a sign of a scar beginning to appear.

2. Uneven skin: Accidents leave behind deep scars on body that makes the skin look uneven and rough.

How to remove old scars with natural home remedies? Scars that can boost up you self esteem:

1. Lemon Juice: As we all know lemon has natural bleach that helps in lightening the skin. Squeeze some juice out of a lime and massage it onto the scars for about 10 minutes. Repeat this 2-3 times a week to ensure best results for scar removal from legs.

2. Honey: Honey regenerates tissues of the skin. Take a few drops of honey and massage it onto the scars for 5 minutes. Then take a hot towel and place it over the scars. Once the towel cools down remove it and wipe the area dry.

3. Onions: Onions are surprisingly a great remedy for scars. Remove the juice of an onion and massage it onto the scars. You can repeat this 2-3 times a day for best results Onions have anti inflammatory properties and are beneficial in treating stubborn scars.

There are more tips about home remedies for scars, on our video. Please watch the video carefully for useful information on how to get rid of scars from legs naturally. 

All I have to say at the end is that the age old home remedies are the safest and delivers you promising results in scars removal. Do try these home remedies for scars at home at your own leisure.

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Worried Of snakes These Plants Will Repel Snakes From Your Garden

Worried Of snakes   These Plants Will Repel Snakes From Your Garden

Worried Of snakes These Plants Will Repel Snakes From Your Garden

Certain plants like marigold, wormwood, West Indian lemon grass, Sarpgandha and garlic are natural repellent against snakes.
These plants have bitter tastes and strong smells that cause discomfort and disorientation to snakes when they slither over them. They can be planted around homes and gardens to chase away serpents which cannot tolerate their strong odours.

Snakes do not actually damage the garden — in fact, common varieties prey on other pests such as slugs, mice, voles and beetles. However, poisonous species are a serious threat to green thumbs and pets, and even nonvenomous snakes can bite or just plain scare to gardeners.
Different types of store-bought repellents affect only certain types of snakes, but some organic tricks help keep your garden serpent-free, regardless of the species.
The Mother-in-law’s tongue (Variegated snake plant )
The plant is so named because of its sharp leaves. Snakes don’t like its appearance.
Pink agapanthus
The Pink Agapanthus is of the onion family. Zulus plant it around their homes to deter snakes.
Known by a variety of names such as Sarpagandha, Indian Snake root and Insanity herb, this plant is known for its ability to repel away snakes.
Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus)
Snakes don’t like the citrus smell from the leaves. The leaves or the tips can turn brown in extreme heat in summer. It requires very little care.
An added advantage of Lemon Grass, is that is contains citronella which is the base for most mosquito repellents;

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How to remove or delete virus from your computer in hindi ?

Hello friends! Welcome to my video . My name is Aashish mathur. Aaj mai aapko सिखाऊंगा कि अपने कंप्यूटर का वायरस कैसे डिलीट करे ? . अगर आपको मेरी विडियो अच्छी लगे तो प्लीज मेरे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करना न भूले ताकि आपको मेरी सभी विडियो आसानी से मिल सके धन्यवाद. Thanks for Watching.

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2 Ways To Remove Ads From Android

2 ways to get rid of notification ads or pop up ads from your android devices.
sometimes ads are good coz you find an interesting app through ads.
but sometimes it can be pain in head.
okay. in this video tutorial i will show you 2 ways to remove ads from any android phone or tablet.
ads make your phone very difficult. specially pop up ads.
pop up ads suddenly cover entire screen of the phone and it make your time awkward.
while the notification ads eats your phone’s charge.
if your phone is suffering from these kind of advertisements then you have come to the right place.
this video tutorial will show you 2 different ways to get rid ads from android
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Get clean clear & flawless skin / remove rashes from face & body naturally

Very effective home remedies to get rid of rashes from body and face. Treat stubborn rashes easily at home

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