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In this video you will find out the different techniques to stop your Hiccups instatntly.

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The main reason for hiccups is diaphragm

A hiccup, also known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF) or singultus, is an uncontrollable contraction of the diaphragm (the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen) that may repeat several times per minute.

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle at the bottom of your chest.

When the diaphragm becomes irritated, it jerks downward and causes you to suddenly draw air into your throat. The abrupt rush of air causes your vocal cords to close, causing a hiccup sound.

There are several things that irritate the diaphragm like laughing too hard, drinking carbonated beverages, and eating too quickly.

Some Emergency action to stop hiccups

Press the palm of your hand with the thumb of your other hand the harder the better.

Take a deep breath and then hold it for a while. When there’s a build up of carbon dioxide in your lungs, your diaphragm get relaxed.

• stick your fingers in your ears for twenty or thirty seconds. Or press the soft areas behind your earlobes, just below the base of the skull.

• stick out your tongue,pulling out your tongue helps to stop those incessant hiccups

Bend down and drink water from the opposite side of the cup,it will force your abdomen muscles to contract and stop your hiccups immediately..

Drinkable cures

• Take 8 to 10 quick sips in a row from a glass. 

• Stick your fingers in your ears and sip water through a straw. If you can block your ears when you drink, it will be better.

See your doctor if hiccups last more than three hours, or if they disturb your eating or sleeping habits.


HOW TO GET RID OF HICCUPS at home? FIND the natural treatments to STOP HICCUPS INSTANTLY.

Hiccups can be annoying and troublesome too. Normally hiccups don’t last for too long.  They subside on their own too. 
Hiccups that last for hours could indicate underlying nerve damage or respiratory problems, problems of the central nervous system due to tumor or an infection, other metabolic disorders and certain medications. In some other cases it is triggered by anesthesia, diabetes, kidney failure, electrolyte imbalances and taking steroids or tranquilizers. 
Though hiccups are usually harmless, sometimes in public it can be very embarrassing. To stop hiccups the following home remedies for hiccups will work in no time. 

The most common reasons for hiccups that last less than 48 hours include: 

1. Drinking aerated beverages, drinking too much alcohol, excess of excitement or emotional stress, variations in temperature, swallowing air while  chewing gum or sucking on candy. 

2. Hiccups that last more than 48 hours may be caused by the following factors: 

3. Nerve damage: Long term hiccups is due to irritation or damage caused to the vagus or phrenic nerves which aid the diaphragm muscle. 

4. Central nervous system disorders: A tumor or an infection of the central nervous system can disturb the body’s control over hiccups.
A tumor or infection in your central nervous system or damage to your central nervous system as a result of trauma can disrupt your body’s normal control of the hiccup reflex. For example, meningitis or a stroke. 

Long-term hiccups can be initiated by: 

1. Alcoholism, Anesthesia, Barbiturates, Diabetes, Electrolyte imbalance, Kidney failure, Steroids and Tranquilizers 

Self-help tips on how to stop hiccups fast is what we all want. Given below are some things you can do that may stop you from hiccups. 

1. Sipping on ice-cold water 
2. Try holding your breath for a short period. 
3. Biting on a lemon 
4. Swallow granulated sugar 
5. Taste teaspoon of vinegar 
6. Breathing into a paper bag 
7. Pulling your knees up to your chest and leaning forward to compress your chest. 

We have some great hiccup remedies for you all. Please start watching our video for more details about hiccups remedies. We are sure you will get the desired results by trying them out. 
Hiccups occur due to an uncontrollable contraction of the diaphragm. It is known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter. Diaphragm is the muscle that separates the chest and the abdomen in the thoracic region. When the hiccup happens, the diaphragm contracts causing you to breathe air quickly and suddenly the vocal cords are closed thereby producing a sound. The intervals of hiccups may vary and the duration of the hiccups also may vary from person to person. It usually lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes it might last longer. 

Some of the causes of hiccups are: 
•Consumption of carbonated drinks or excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, 
•Eating more, eating too fast or eating spicy food,
•Emotional stress and excitement, smoking and also sudden changes in the environmental temperatures.

 To stop hiccups the following home remedies for hiccups will work in no time:

1. Cold Water:
Gargling with cold water for about one minute reduces the hiccups. Also drinking a glass of cold water with honey will stop hiccups immediately. This is a great home remedy for hiccups.

2. Yoghurt:
Mix one cup of yoghurt with one tea spoon of salt. Stir it thoroughly until the salt dissolves completely. Have this slowly to get instant relief from hiccups.

3. Cardamom Powder:
Boil 1 and half cup of water and add a tea spoon of freshly grounded cardamom powder in it. Allow the liquid to cool and then strain the liquid and drink to stop your hiccups. 

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How to get rid of hiccups fast? – Dr. Anita Krishnan

Hiccups are noting but involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. Now how do you get rid of the hiccups fast? Since the diaphragm is controlled by the vagus, anything which increases the carbon dioxide in the system can relax the diaphragm and help you get rid of your hiccups. So the normal household techniques we try is drink a glass of water quickly. So the logic behind that when you drink the water quickly, you cannot breathe at the same time. So the carbon dioxide needs to go up a bit. The other things which you need to try is pinch your nose and keep on swallowing or make somebody scare you so that for a moment you do not breathe enough, so the carbon dioxide can still go up a little or if it is a little more persistent hiccups what can be tried is that you can cover your nose with a cover, with a plastic or air tight sealed cover and re breathe into it . You breathe in and out into the same cover so that the oxygen levels comes down and thee carbon dioxide levels go up which can relax the diaphragm and help you get rid of hiccups. You can even use smelling salts, but if the hiccups lasts more than 3 hours you should go to an emergency, because then you need medication supervised by a doctor.
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