Removing Asian Giant Hornet Nest – Huge Hornet nest

The Asian Giant Hornets kill about 40 people each year in Japan. It’s considered the deadliest of the hornet species. It’s as thick as a thumb, and it’s gang-like behavior makes it a ruthless predator. Basically, after a Giant Hornet goes on a honey scouting expedition, it goes to its nest grabs a bunch of other hornets and attacks the honey hive.

A video by National Geographic has captured such an attack. About 30 hornets are known to kill about 30,000 bees in their bee hive in about three hours. The goal of the Asian Giant Hornet is to attack the larvae of the bees, which are used as feed for their own nests.

I do love Praying mantis and made this channel to all ppl who want to know more about them.

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Hornet or Wasp Nest in Car – how to get rid of (Zoo animal of the week! rofl)

How to get rid of a nest of 5-6 hornets in car door crack. :o) This car had been sitting off and on a lil’ while… no wonder there was one flying in it the other day… :o///
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Removal of a large hornet nest in house wall

Social Wasps and hornets defend their nests aggressively if they are threatened or attacked just as other members of the order hymenoptera such as Honey Bees and Red Ants will. When a wasp stings you it releases a pheromone or chemical that quite literally marks you as the threat. This pheromone then alerts other members of the cast within the colony that the nest is being threatened and more wasps join the attack.
We are not pest control professionals. This is a total amateur job. Keep that in mind as you view the video. Also, for some reason the not so neat application of duct tape really gets under people’s skin so before you curse me out for my improper use of duct tape try
applying it yourself with leather gloves on and a hood on your head.

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Kill Wasps & Hornets with Terro Wasp & Hornet Killer

Foam spray kills wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. • Jet spray reaches nests up to 20 feet. • Entrapping foam kills wasps, hornets and yellow jackets inside the nest as well as any returning to nest. • To treat nests, spray at sunrise or dusk when insects are least active. Wait up to 24 hours before removing the nest. • Use outdoors under eaves, near window frames, doorways, outdoor play areas and picnic areas. • Use indoor in attics and anywhere nests are built and food is not exposed. • To prevent insects from entering home, spray around areas where insects enter such as service penetrations and cracks and crevices in foundations.