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Keloids are a type of raised scar. They occur where the skin has healed after an injury. They can grow to be much larger than the original injury that caused the scar. Anything that can cause a scar can cause a keloid. This includes being burned, cut, or having severe acne.

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How to Get Rid of Keloids with apple cider vinegar and honey – Home Remedies to Remove Keloids Scars

How to Get Rid of Keloids with apple cider vinegar and honey - Home Remedies to Remove Keloids Scars

how to get rid of keloids with apple cider vinegar and honey – Home Remedies to Remove Keloids Scars

Keloids, or keloid scars are hard fibrous tissues that can appear anywhere on your body. Although the exact cause behind keloids is unknown, they do tend to develop almost abruptly for no reason.

how to get rid of keloids honey – Home Remedies to Remove Keloids Scars

How to use Tea Tree Oil for Keloids | Home Remedies for Keloids | Natural Remedies Keloids

Getting rid of those unsightly Keloid scars is nothing short of a nightmare. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can help. For centuries the Aborigines of Australia have used tea tree oil successfully to treat different skin ailments.
What causes Keloid scars?
Most keloid scars occur from the abnormal overgrowth of scar tissue, due to excess collagen deposited at the site of an injury. Keloid scarring can result from minor skin abrasion such as acne scars, scrapes, chicken pox scars, ear piercings and vaccination sites, or more severe abrasions such as burns and surgical incisions. Wounds that get infected or are under tension while healing are more likely to leave keloid scars. How well the skin heals impacts the scar formation.
How does Tea Tree oil get rid of Keloid scars?
Tea tree oil contains Terpinen-4-ol, a terpene. It is considered the primary active ingredient of tea tree oil. It exhibits strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil exerts antioxidant activity and has broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoal infections.

The Research
According to a review published 2006, in the Clinical Microbiology Reviews, numerous studies support the anecdotal evidence attributing anti-inflammatory activity and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil.
The Recipe
How to use tea tree oil to get rid of keloid scars?

What you will need:

Tea tree oil


1. Soak a cotton ball or swab in the tea tree oil, depending on the size
of the keloid scar.
2. Dab the keloid scar with the soaked cotton ball or swab.
3. Repeat 2 to 3 times daily until keloid scar heals.

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How to Get Rid of Keloids Scars

Keloid scars are made of hard, fibrous scar tissue and appear quite abruptly on the skin. The exact cause of keloid scars is still unknown.
How to Get Rid of Keloids Scars
It is believed that when the top skin layer is damaged or tears, collagen forms at the site as part of the healing process. A keloid scar develops when there is excess collagen growth at the site. It may continue to grow slowly for years.
How to Get Rid of Keloids Scars
Keloid scars usually appear where there has been trauma or damage, such as acne, chicken pox, minor burns, cuts, ear piercings, insect bites, vaccinations and other skin abrasions.
How to Get Rid of Keloids Scars
These dome-shaped scars are usually flesh-colored, pink, or red. The affected area can be tender to the touch and itchy. It has been found that people with a darker complexion are more prone to this problem. Hereditary factors can also contribute to the problem.
How to Get Rid of Keloids Scars
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How to Get Rid of Keloid Scars

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Piercings: Keloids & Hypertrophic Scarring!

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Body Piercing Tips : What are Keloids?

Keloids are overgrowths of tissue around a piercing that can be treated with tea tree oil or an aspirin solution. Treat keloids with tips from a licensed piercer in this free video on body modification.

Expert: Tristan McCauley
Bio: Tristan McCauley has been piercing for two years after a 9-month apprenticeship under Brian Price, a 12-year veteran in the craft.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
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Keloids – Home Remedies | Health Tone Tips

Keloids - Home Remedies | Health Tone Tips

A keloid is the formation of a type of scar. Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to the colour of the patient’s flesh or red to dark brown in colour. In this video you will learn what are the natural ways to get rid of these scars like applying Aloe Vera Gel,Apple Cider Vinegar and Lavender Oil etc.


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