Heal Your Lungs With This Tea Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Infections, And More…

Oregano is a popular herb, used for thousands of years for its powerful culinary and medicinal properties.

With its potent antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties, it is no wonder why this herb is so effective. In fact, oregano has one of the highest antioxidant activity ratings, excellent for neutralizing free radicals.

It is a great source of calcium, folate, magnesium, iron, fiber, niacin, manganese, vitamins A, C, E, and K, and the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin.

This Mediterranean herb is an effective remedy for treating a number of ailments due to its ability to detoxify the body.

Oregano can be used fresh or dried. Also, you can take it in its oil form or as a supplement in the form of tablets. Another way to use oregano is oregano tea. You can prepare it with fresh or dried oregano.

You can also use oregano oil which can be applied topically for treatment of microbial infections including athlete’s foot or other fungal infections. You should apply it two times a day and dilute it by 50% or more prior to application.


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7 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in Your Lungs – Mucus Home Remedy

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Having mucus in your lung could be a sign of a common cold, or as a result of cigarette smoking. In this video about 7 ways to get rid of mucus in your lungs – mucus home remedy. We will go step by step, through seven modalities and means that you can quickly and safely use to get rid of the mucus in your lungs. Watch the video now to learn those tips and tricks that will help you treat and remove mucus in your lungs – Waysandhow.


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Shocking Revelation About Cigarette Smoking You Don’t Know About

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How to Get Rid of Mucus in Lungs – 5 Home Remedies for Mucus

How to Get Rid of Mucus in Lungs – 5 Home Remedies for Mucus !!

The secretions in the throat and lungs, such as phlegm and mucus, are usually a result of colds, flu and other infections of the respiratory system. Even though this is not a serious health issue, if you don’t eject the secretion in time, it can irritate and clog the bronchi and lungs, causing a secondary infection of the upper respiratory system.

In the presence of mucus or phlegm in the throat and lungs, we feel the need for constant coughing (to clear out the throat); then there’s the occurrence of a runny nose, a feeling of weakness, difficulty breathing, and sometimes even fever.

These secretions contain viruses, bacteria and inflamed cells, formed as a reaction to an infection. Besides being a side effect of an infection, such as flu, common cold, or bronchitis, these secretions can also occur as an allergic reaction to some irritations, such as vocal cord damage, hay fever, and smoking.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Mucus And Phlegm:

Here we show you some of the best home remedies, which will help you eject the mucus and phlegm from the throat and lungs.

1: Honey

Honey has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, which make it an excellent remedy for irritated throat. In addition, its antiseptic properties help strengthen the immune system, so it would be easier for you to beat the infection.

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a pinch of freshly ground black pepper. Consume the resulting mixture 2 times a day.

2: Lemon Water

Lemon is excellent when it comes to softening and eliminating the phlegm and mucus from the throat. It has a content rich in vitamin C and antibacterial properties, which help the body become more resistant to infections.

Mix 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm water. Drink the lemon water 3 times a day, to alleviate the pain in the throat and to reduce the formation of mucus.

3: Chicken Soup

Hot, heart-warming chicken soup will help you get rid of the mucus and phlegm in your throat by warming up the airways and softening the secretions.

Eat homemade hot chicken soup 2 to 3 times throughout the day, to clear your throat and lungs of secretions. To enhance the effect, you can add a little bit of garlic in the soup.

4: Toast

Yes, toast can help you eliminate mucus and phlegm, by carrying it down to the stomach. As you chew and ingest this crunchy bread, it softly scrapes the throat, removing some of the secretion.

5: Echinacea

This flowering plant has strong antibiotic properties, which make it great for the treatment of cold associated symptoms, such as nasal congestion, mucus buildup and stuffiness.

Steep 2 teaspoons of Echinacea root and dried leaves in a cup of boiling water, for 15 minutes. Drink the tea 2 times a day.

Remove Phlegm Of Lungs And Coughs With This Amazing Old Remedy

If you are dealing with coughs and mucus, it is time to say goodbye to these problems. We have an incredible remedy that is made only from natural ingredients.

This remedy is recommended for both children and adults.

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This Simple Drink Will Clear Mucus From Your Lungs & Give An Instant Boost To Your Immune System

This Simple Drink Will Clear Mucus From Your Lungs & Give An Instant Boost To Your Immune System

Additionally, the bone marrow is another component which creates white blood cells and stores the stem cells, which have the ability to morph into any human cell.




This Simple Drink Will Clear Mucus From Your Lungs And Give An Instant Boost To Your Immune System

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why do we cough | How to Get Rid of Mucus in Lungs

why do we cough | How to Get Rid of Mucus in Lungs

Why do we cough

1 Use a humidifier. Dry air can aggravate the symptoms of a cold, making it harder for mucus to drain and triggering coughs. Using a humidifier in your bedroom or living room adds moisture to the air to help clear your sinuses and soothe your throat. With your humidifier, try to aim for the right humidity. The air should range from 30% to 55% humidity.

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2 Get an indoor houseplant. If you don’t want an electric humidifier, consider getting a houseplant. Plants can help regulate indoor humidity due to a process called transpiration, which is where water vapor is released from the flowers, leaves, and stems. Good indoor plants include bamboo palms, aloe vera, Chinese evergreens, various species of philodendron and dracaena, and weeping figs.
Indoor plants also help clear the air of carbon dioxide and pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene, which may otherwise irritate your throat.[17]

3 Try an air purifier. In addition to humidifiers, air purifiers help clear the air of allergens that cause coughs. It has the added bonus of keeping your house smelling nice and clean. An electronic cleaner is especially good at sweeping mold and pollen particles from the air by catching them on an electrically charged plate.
Another type of cleaner, known as an ionizer, makes electrically charged ions that bond to particles in the air and causes them to cling to walls, ceilings, and drapes.[18]

4 Sleep on your side. Sleeping can be hard when you have a chronic cough. Getting enough sleep is important in order for your body to heal itself so you can get rid of your cough. Studies show that sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system, increase the production of stress hormones, put you at higher risk for chronic disease, and lower life expectancy.
If you have a persistent cough, try to lie on the side that is least congested to breathe comfortably and allow the mucus to drain.[19][20]

5 Prop your head on a pillow. If you have trouble breathing while you sleep due to cough, try to prop your head up on a pillow to improve airflow and keep mucus from blocking the sinuses and throat. The pillow for your head should support the natural curve of your neck and be comfortable while also helping you breath better.

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How to get rid of phlegm in chest, throat and lungs naturally

Watch about How to get rid of phlegm in chest, throat and lungs naturally.
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