Causes of red clots in eyes – Dr. Mala Suresh

Red clots, medically known as subconjunctival hemorrhage can occur when there is bleeding under the transparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye. Why does this occur? Most often it is spontaneous. There is no reason. Sometimes it can be very simple reason like rubbing the eye, coughing, or even sneezing and many occasions can be severe, following a trauma or it can be due to bleeding disorders, clotting disorders, if the patient is on blood thinners, if the patient has BP or hypertension and diabetes. Do we relate these hemorrhages to hypertension? Yes. When we see bleeding intensively, spontaneously, then we do get the BP checked up of the patient because most often in hypertensive patients the blood pressure architecture gets altered. They are so fragile that they can bleed spontaneously and it also sometimes an indication that the blood pressure is not under control. Even the patients who have the hypertension under control can develop these hemorrhages. Hence they needed to be evaluated because sometimes what you see the red clots in the eye, there could be red clots in your body where elsewhere which cannot be seen by you. Hence need to be investigated.
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