Today is a very interesting case of a patient who has multiple sclerosis (MS), who has very limited feeling in her feet, poor leg and foot function, uncontrollable spastic reflexes, and is suffering from a very painful ingrown toenail.

Even though she has limited feeling in her feet, this ingrown toenail is causing a lot of pain. Due to her uncontrollable reflexes, we will numb her toe. This will be very difficult because she can’t control how much her foot and toe will move during the injection.

This is her first time getting an ingrown toenail on this toe, so today will be just a conservative treatment of her ingrown toenail and hopefully the last!!!

Bye bye, annoying ingrown toenail.


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How Not To Destroy A Hornets Nest! Man Gets Stung Multiple Times! Burnt & Stung!

I was walking down my driveway and got stung by a group of hornets who attacked me so I decided to destroy their hornets nest. My grand children play in the yard so I had no choice. Dont try this at home. Even though this video is funny, I was still stung at least 6 times. They got me in the head a couple times, under the armpit, in the side and a couple times in my stomach. I tried a bunch of different things to destroy their nest and actually did destroy most of it. However, it has since been completely rebuilt. Stick around for part two once the swelling goes away. Don’t worry, I am ok and I am use to pain. I’ve had my ears burnt when I was a firefighter, I’ve had my nose broken, I fell out of a barn and I fell off the roof of my house. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE TO JAWTOOTH!

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