Late-season common wasp nest removal

Here is another video of me digging a wasp nest. This time the nest is full size (all of the reproductive castes are present). Lots of future queens in the nest. You can see why these are so invasive in NZ because one nest, started by one queen in the spring, can produce several thousand future queens that may establish nests next spring. I estimate that this nest will have produced around 4000 future queens. Even if only 1% survive the winter, that is still another 40 nests next year!

Casting GIANT Underground Wasp Nest with Molten Aluminum

Making art from an underground wasp nest will be shown in this video.

The result is is a 11kg or 24lbs aluminum piece of art.

I’m also using the biggest crucible that i have and using a custom made tong (thx 2 Joppe) to grap and pour it !

Wasp are exterminated here in Belgium by the fire department with fire or poison.

NEVER kill bees people !! Bees are very important to the survival of the human race 🙂 Just google it and you will find some more info.

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Relocating A Wasp Nest – Don’t Do This!!!

Relocating a wasp’s nest with a 12 gauge. In today’s how to vlog I set about relocating a hornets nest. This diy method seems to work with any sort of bitting insect like bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, etc.



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Removing Asian Giant Hornet Nest – Huge Hornet nest

The Asian Giant Hornets kill about 40 people each year in Japan. It’s considered the deadliest of the hornet species. It’s as thick as a thumb, and it’s gang-like behavior makes it a ruthless predator. Basically, after a Giant Hornet goes on a honey scouting expedition, it goes to its nest grabs a bunch of other hornets and attacks the honey hive.

A video by National Geographic has captured such an attack. About 30 hornets are known to kill about 30,000 bees in their bee hive in about three hours. The goal of the Asian Giant Hornet is to attack the larvae of the bees, which are used as feed for their own nests.

I do love Praying mantis and made this channel to all ppl who want to know more about them.

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How To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest – Karen VS Wasp Nest

Karen exterminates a wasp nest in a wall.

Watch this video Karen eliminates a wasp nest in a wall with some knockdown foam.

Eliminating wasps takes patience and a cool head. People panic when dealing with wasps and this can lead to stings. Ideally, a bee suit would be useful but is not always needed.

Kelly Mercer and Karen Romain have been working together for a very long time and specialize in bed bug elimination.

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BBB Extermination Services is a pest control company servicing the Halifax and Truro area. We use unmarked service vehicles because no one needs to know about your bed bug problem.

Living pest free is easy when you have a team to eliminate bed bugs.

Triple B Extermination Services works in the Halifax and Truro area providing bed bug extermination, rodent removal, and many other services.

Killing bed bugs is our specialty!

We have been working for nearly twenty years in the industry and our technicians will not quit until the job is done.

Bed bugs are a hot topic right now in all the major city centers. Here in Halifax landlords are frustrated with these pests and want them eliminated.

We provide %100 guaranteed elimination and take the time to do it right. Bed bugs are such a real issue that only a team with plenty of experience and determination can get rid of bed bugs. We know how to get rid bed bugs.

Rats have taken over the city of Halifax recently due to all the construction. Just yesterday I saw a rat running through the Public Gardens while out with my family. I see numerous places for them to hide everywhere when I am in the city. Rats can be eliminated but it takes time. We know how to get rid of rats.

Mice are another problem that needs to be eradicated. We see mice in many places and take the time to inspect carefully. Only through a detailed inspection and multiple follow-ups can mice be eliminated. MIce are not nice and cause billions of dollars in product loss throughout North America. We know how to get rid of mice.

Ants are a seasonal nuisance that we get many calls for during the spring and summer. It seems that with the recent shift in climate our ant calls start later in the season and last longer. At one time peak season was May and June. Now we see calls as late as September in some cases. We know how to get rid of ants.

Carpenter ants can live inside your home undetected. Seeing the odd ant in the summer is not the end of the world. Ants search for food everywhere and may not be actually living in your home. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood they inhabit, they merely excavate it. We can get rid of carpenter ants with an aggressive treatment strategy. We know how to get rid of carpenter ants.

Please watch: “How A Wasp Reacts To Drione Dust – How To Treat Wasp Nests”


Man tries to remove wasp nest with plastic bag and fails horribly

Man tries to remove insects from his tree with just a plastic shopping bag
Man was filmed climbing a tree in his backyard to tackle the large wasp nest
He chatted away calmly as he prepared to smother the nest with a shopping bag
As soon as he placed the bag over the nest, the wasps retaliated and attacked
He was filmed screaming and swinging the bag around as he scrambled to safety

This man decided to avoid the professionals and take it upon himself to remove a giant wasp nest from a tree.

But he clearly doesn’t have it in the bag.

He was filmed climbing a ladder in his backyard to tackle the nest armed with nothing but a green plastic shopping bag.
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How to Kill a Wasps Nest – Low Cost & Fast
This video deals with how to kill a wasps nest in a fast, safe sensible manner. Before tackling a wasps nest make sure you know that it is regular wasps and not another more dangerous species.

The website link above lists what I think are the best commonly available wasp killers, as well as a home made free version. If you think this task is too difficult or dangerous always bring in professional help, the common cost of which is also on the website.

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