Powerful Tattoo Removal Subliminal | Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos

This video has affirmations for removing any tattoos that you no longer want. It only targets tattoos that you dont want. Tattoos that you want to keep will stay put. Safe and affordable way to remove tattoos.

Just listen to the audio, you can listen while doing other activities as well. Listen 3-6 times a Day. You will see noticeable changes in less than a month. Listen for upto 3 months to get the end result.

I have over 320 pending requests currently, For a priority request you can submit a donation at the link below. You will receive the high quality mp3 version within 48hrs of the donation.


1 Purpose Subliminal Request = 10$
2 Purpose Subliminal Request = 15$
3 Purpose Subliminal Request = 25$
Custom Subliminal Request (over 3 purposes) = Negotiable

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HOW SUBLIMINALS WORK: The subconscious mind is the part of our mind that records everything we experience, it holds our habits and beliefs that are programmed into us at an early age. The subconscious is programmed when we are kids, and then as we get older our conscious mind serves as a buffer to prevent things from constantly changing. This is why its so hard to change bad habits with conscious decisions to do so. The subconscious controls everything from our heartbeat, digestion, DNA, cell growth, bone growth, hair growth and much more. These are all things that happen without us commanding our body to do so.

There are affirmations playing underneath the music so that your conscious mind cannot hear and reject them. Once they bypass the conscious buffer they go right into the subconscious where they are acted on. With this method, we are essentially giving commands to the intelligence that unconsciously controls our body and our cells. This is how people are experiencing fast physical changes that normally would be impossible.

Powerful Mantra to remove bad luck due to black magic and monetary gain

Lord Laxmi Narsimha Mantra :
!! Om shreem hreem jay laxmi priyay nitya pramudite chetache laxmi shitart dhadhehaya shreem hreem namah !!
Recited 108 times
For : Powerful Mantra to remove bad luck due to black magic and monetary gain
Hear this full video clip 2500 times to awakening the mantra then 2 times daily with full trust,devotion and concentration regularly at fixed time and place to full fill your wish and required result.(use head phone to Listen this mantra video clip)
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel!!
There are many ways to cover up dark circles. Using make up is the most common way to hide it. However you can get rid of these dark circles completely rather than just covering it.
In this video I shared one of my favorite treatment for removing dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and puffiness from around the eyes.

Parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural skin
lightening agent. When applied to the skin it acts as natural bleaching agent. When applied topically, vitamin C penetrates the skin and
suppress melanin secretion. It helps in fading the dark circles and
brightens the contours of your eyes
Potatoes contains enzymes, vitamin C, and starch that nourish the thin skin around the eyes. Potatoes has the ability to stay cold for long periods. The coldness of the potato helps to reduce swelling and inflammation of the vessels underneath the eyes which minimize dark circles and puffiness.

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1) Olive Oil- 2 teaspoons
2) Aloe Vera Gel- 3 teaspoons
3)Vitamin E capsules- 3

Massage it onto the affected area in circular motions… use twice daily and be consistent to achieve results.

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Get rid of strep throat faster(Extremely Powerful

Strep throat is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and pain in the throat.

This video is designed to help you to get rid of strep throat faster.

While Belief is very important please make sure to drink a glass of water before to maximize the frequencies effects.

Lay down on your bed,relax your body and clear your mind,

Watch 1 time,then just listen to it as much as you can visualizing your body healthy.

There are extremely powerful affirmations and frequencies and the best classical music used for relief pain,infections ,inflammation etc.

Note: this is not a substitute for medical treatment.

A Powerful Homemade Recipe That Makes All The Mosquitoes and Cockroaches Fall Dead Immediately!

A Powerful Homemade Recipe That Makes All The Mosquitoes and Cockroaches Fall Dead Immediately!

Hello guys!

We live in an ecosystem full of all kinds of species. Some live pretty far from what we call our society, others, however, are in constant contact with us and they can be very annoying.

Some of the most common ones are mosquitoes and cockroaches.
The pesky mosquitoes are everywhere and are not only annoying, but they also represent a health risk because they are carriers of an infinite number of diseases due to their contact with human blood and other debris from the streets or places with poor hygiene.

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Speaking of hygiene, mosquitoes or flies in general are on sites where they can get food and put their offspring, usually in dirty places or with standing water, but to remove them is actually the real problem

So, that’s why, here, we’re presenting you a natural remedy that will help you get rid of the mosquitoes and flies in an effective way.
There are many products on the market that claim to help you do this but all chemicals have certain side effects that should be avoided in our life, so this natural remedy is the best choice for you.

To prepare this natural remedy you will need.

½ a cup of vegetable oil.
½ a cup of shampoo.
½ a cup of natural vinegar (this should be of 9% concentration).


Mix all the ingredients very well and make sure you get a homogeneous mixture.

Then, put the homogeneous mixture in a spray bottle so you can then spray all the areas where you want these hateful and pesky mosquitoes or flies to disappear.

You can use this remedy in the rooms without any problems because it is completely natural, in addition and you can also use it in the garden or even apply it on your skin to make it work as a natural repellent!

This is information on home treatments.

It does not replace a specialist.
Always consult your doctor.

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How To Remove Under Eyes Wrinkles Naturally – Powerful Home Remedies Which Really Works!

Wrinkles under the eyes can jeopardize the entire beauty of your face. Women fret over such things and spend hours and hours in the parlor, burning a hole in their pocket as well as resort to expensive medical treatment methods such as botox. The fact is that wrinkles under the eyes can be treated at home with natural simple home remedies by spending much less money than what you commit in beauty salons. Here are some quick remedies that you can make a habit of to treat as well as prevent further instances of wrinkles under the eyes. It is easy to remove crow’s feet around eyes fast. You can get rid of your under eyes wrinkles fast by following the natural remedies suggested.

Pineapple juice
The juice of pineapples is known to have an active enzyme known as bromelain, which is an anti inflammatory agent and a natural form of alpha hydroxy acid that can help treat wrinkles. Take some pineapple juice and apply on the eye wrinkles. Pineapple has astringent properties as well and help in exfoliation of skin.

Leave the juice on the skin for twenty minutes and wash off. Making this a habit can help you treat wrinkles in general and also in preventing the early onset of wrinkles. Pineapple juice helps
in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your face and also in delicate areas like under the eyes.

Castor oil
Skin under the eyes is very delicate and requires daily moisturizing to keep it away from damage and wrinkles. Castor oil acts as a rich moisturizer that can be used daily for keeping the skin under the eyes soft and supple and also preventing wrinkles from appearing.

Dip your index finger in castor oil and apply under the eyes. Remember not to over moisturize the area as this can lead to puffy eyes. Leave it overnight. The thick consistency of castor oil will
help in keeping the area well moisturized and prevent fine lines from appearing.

Rosemary oil
Massaging the skin under the eyes gently for a few seconds can make a whole lot of difference in preventing wrinkles under the eyes. Using an essential oil like rosemary can help protect as well as nourish the skin too.

Take some rosemary oil and apply under the eyes. Massage gently in an upward stroke, mimicking a boat shape. Doing this every day
for a few minutes will even out the fine lines and wrinkles that have
formed and also prevent further formation of wrinkles.

Ginger and honey
Honey is a natural moisturizer and humectant and ginger helps in increasing the blood circulation to the area. Crushed ginger into powder form and add a teaspoon of the powder into a tablespoon
of honey. Mix them well.

Massage under the eyes using this mixture for ten minutes every day. Remember to be very gentle on the skin. Leave it for an hour and wash off. This will ensure that the skin under the eyes
is well nourished with good blood circulation, and moisturized as well to prevent wrinkle lines from appearing.

Remember to be persistent if you want to see the results fast. You can easily remove under eye wrinkles fast using this natural home remedies. You can easily do it at home. Natural and Chemical-Free products are always the best choice compare to chemical-loaded eyecreams out there.

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Grey Hair-Get Rid Of White Hair with this powerful home remedy

Grey Hair-Get Rid Of White Hair with this powerful home remedy

Gray hair reversal is not very easy and there are only a limited number of solutions to reverse gray hair. Out of all the solutions for gray hair reversal, use of onion juice is very popular.
Onion juice is rich in the enzyme catalase and has been used for centuries as a topical treatment and as a home remedy for gray hair.

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