Emergency First Aid : Home Remedy for a Minor Burn Blister

Minor burn blisters need to first be cooled off with as much water as possible before beginning to wrap them. Treat minor burn blisters with advice from an emergency medical technician in this free video on emergency first aid.

Expert: Capt. Nathan McConnell
Contact: www.villagebhi.org/ems
Bio: Capt. Nathan McConnell has been an emergency medical technician since 1988.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Cure Diarrhea Fast (HUMANS & DOGS)- Grandma's Natural Home Remedy

This is our grandma’s recipe and it works for everyone who has tried it. It worked for us, our dog Coco, our cousins, even our neighbor’s older dog. Our neighbor was so thankful that we saved her from a trip to the vet.
Thank you for watching! We hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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How to get rid of Dark underarms | causes| treatment| home remedy| Dermatologist | Dr. Aanchal

May people have complaint of dark underarms. They get embarrassed to wear sleeveless clothes.
1. Friction
• Overweight
• Lax skin in the axilla
• Wearing tight fitted clothes

2. Acanthosis nigricans
3. Post inflmammatoy hyperpimentation due to waxing, hair removal creams Use of deodorants.

How to prevent:
Do not use hot wax
Hair removal creams
No deodarants
Wear loose fitting cotton clothing while sleeping. Avoid wearing clothes which tug at your armpits

First have to find the cause:
Detailed history of hygiene habits and products used
r/o acanthosis nigricans: If there is darkening of skin in the neck, sides of forehead, around mouth sometimes even under breast or in groin area, we might have to rule out insulin resistance.

Remove the offending gent
Use creams containing glycolic acid on alternate days.
Be gentle with skin in this area
Go for hair removal laser

Home remedies:
You can use a gentle exfoliator but please do not apply lemon to this area.
Especially if your skin is sensitive and on the dry side. Lemon tends to irritate the skin and in turn cause more dryness.
You can apply a mix of honey, curd and papaya.

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Dog Yeast Infection (Home Remedy) Conway's Journey To Health

Dog Yeast Infection (Home Remedy) Conway's Journey To Health

Conway’s Journey to Health Part 4
Dog skin yeast infection.
In this video, I show you how we helped Conway feel more comfortable. I am not a Vet. but have been commended by his Vet.for the remarkable changes in his skin in just 2 weeks, so have been given the go-ahead to continue my in home treatment.
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How To Quick Fixes For Static Hair | Hair Care Tutorial | Home Remedy For Hair | Foxy Makeup

Hello Everyone, welcome to foxy. As there is winter season going on there must be major static hair problems. Today in this video leena will show you some quick fixes for static hair. Do watch this video and learn Quick Fixes For Static Hair | Hair Care Tutorial | Home Remedy For Hair | Foxy Makeup Tutorials. Keep watching and keep commenting in the comment section below.

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Natural Treatment For Cold And Cough | Easy Home Remedy | Effective Medicine | Cure The Cold

There are many types of cold and flu treatments that can help someone avoid an uncomfortable flu season. Stay virus free with help from a pediatrician in this free video series on cough and cold treatments.

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Home Remedy for Dog's with Yeast Infections

Home Remedy for Dog's with Yeast Infections

Although yeast infections can occur anywhere on a dog, they usually affect ears area. In addition, dogs with floppy, hairy ears are more prone to yeast infections. Thanks to moisture.
Here are a few remedies for you to combat a few types of dog yeast infections.

Items You’ll Need:
• Apple Cider Vinegar• Unflavored Yogurt• Water• Medium Sized Bowl• Tablespoon• Cotton Balls• Oral Syringe• Empty Spray Bottle

Yeast Ear Infections
Mix some apple cider vinegar with some water in a medium bowl. Fill oral syringe with the apple cider vinegar and water mixed. Flush your dog’s ear gently with the solution.Rub your dog’s ears and use cotton balls to swab the excess from her ears.

Skin Infections
Mix some water and some apple cider vinegar in a medium bowl. Pour the warm solution into a clean spray bottle.Spray the areas where your dog has a skin infection. You can use this solution on sensitive areas without causing her pain.

Candida Albicans Yeast Infection (Yogurt Treatment)
Measure out 2 tablespoons of unflavored yogurt . Mix yogurt in your dog’s dry dog food. Alternately feed it to your dog separately as a treat. Feed yogurt once every day as a treatment. Continue to feed it as a preventative after she no longer has a yeast infection.
Candida Albicans Yeast Infection (Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment)
Pour some water into your dog’s bowl then add in apple cider vinegar into it and stir. Wash and change its drinking mixture everyday. As an alternative, pour apple cider vinegar directly on your dog’s dry kibbles.

Understand that Yeast Infection will limit your dogs quality of life and way of living. Always consult a veterinarian to establish wether your home remedy is the most appropriate option.

By Krystle
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The BEST Poison Ivy remedy | Get rid of poison ivy fast!

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*I am not a doctor or medical professional. Always consult a professional before attempting any natural remedies. Try at your own risk.

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