10 Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

10 Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

Off to a party tonight? Would you love to wear your little black dress? But as soon as you pick out a dress from the wardrobe you remember you cannot wear black! Why? Because you have dandruff! And those annoying flakes are a dead giveaway on a black dress! Why is it that is despite making the best efforts, you still cannot get rid of dandruff? Maybe because you are not addressing the root cause of the problem! What is dandruff and why is it so hard to get rid of? Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes dead skin cells and is often accompanied by scaly or itchy skin. This condition sometimes snowballs into a bigger problem and dandruff spreads to the eyebrows and eyelashes. If it is not kept under tight rein, it can also affect your skin.

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6 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Sinus Infection

6 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Sinus Infection…

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7 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in Your Lungs – Mucus Home Remedy

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Having mucus in your lung could be a sign of a common cold, or as a result of cigarette smoking. In this video about 7 ways to get rid of mucus in your lungs – mucus home remedy. We will go step by step, through seven modalities and means that you can quickly and safely use to get rid of the mucus in your lungs. Watch the video now to learn those tips and tricks that will help you treat and remove mucus in your lungs – Waysandhow.


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Shocking Revelation About Cigarette Smoking You Don’t Know About

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4 Best Ways to Remove Age Spots Naturally

As we age, our skin gradually changes in color until small spots start appearing, especially on our face and hands. These are age spots, and they appear naturally.

Our eating habits and skin care routines are important, both to prevent and reduce age spots.
So, the real question is, can we avoid them and clear up your skin?

Age spots are one of the most common signs of aging, and, in some cases, could appear relatively early, around 40 years of age.

These dark spots may start appearing on the back of your hand, or on your face, forehead, arms, and chest.
Although age spots don’t affect your health, lots of people try to avoid them or treat them for aesthetic reasons.

It’s important to know the cause of these spots so that we can avoid them. The main cause of age spots is excessive exposure to the sun.

Spending a couple of hours outside is important for our bodies to generate vitamin D. However, spending too much time, especially during the summer, damages the top layers of our skin and accelerates the degenerative process.

Perfumes that contain alcohol could cause an allergic reaction when they come in contact with sunlight. These reactions can cause age spots.

Keep in mind that some people are more likely to develop these spots due to a genetic predisposition.
Lots of people only start worrying about age spots when they’ve already appeared.

In the meantime, the prevention for age spots starts when you turn about 30 to 35 years old, with these simple measures: Avoid prolonged sun exposure
Be sure to protect yourself from UV rays that are released during the summer months around mid-day. This helps you keep from getting burned and damaging your skin.
Use sunscreen
Use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF to protect your skin on hot, sunny days.
People with vey white or sensitive skin should use sun blockers or children’s sunscreen.
Be careful with what you wear
Always try to cover up the sensitive areas of your skin, like your chest and back, from 11 to 3 o’clock during the summer. Eat fruits and green vegetables
Maintaining good eating habits is an important part of staying healthy.
Drink lots of natural fruit juices and eat lots of salads, soups, and raw vegetables.

Here are a few simple recipes to help clear up your skin, if the age spots have already appeared:

1. Chickpea mask

It’s easy to prepare and you can find the ingredients anywhere.

– 1/4 cup of water (62 milliliters); – 1/2 cup of cooked chickpeas (150 grams); Instructions:
Put the already cooked chickpeas in a container. Add the water gradually as you knead it in with a fork, making a uniform paste.
Put it on the spots and let it dry for 20 minutes.
You don’t need to rinse it off, just let the dried paste come off on its own.
Repeat this process every night.

2. Lemon juice

The high levels of acid present in the lemon penetrate the skins layers, and remove the spots. However, it has the opposite effect when in contact with sunlight, so only apply this at night.
Cut a lemon in half and apply its juice on your age spots.
Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it off with warm water.
You can also use purple onions and obtain the same results. Just rub it on the desired area and wash it off with warm water.

3. Dandelions

Dandelion liquid is very good for removing age spots.
Open the dandelion stem horizontally and extract the liquid.
Apply this liquid on your spots up to three times a day.
There is no need to rinse it off, just let it work on your skin.
As an alternative, you could also use aloe vera. Just apply it the same way as the dandelion liquid.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar contains an acid that clears up age spots.
To treat age spots on your hands, just use two parts hand lotion and one part apple cider vinegar.

Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.
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Ways to get immediate relief from cold, sore throat & fever – Dr. Gayatri S Pandit

Sore throat, cold and fever is most often a sign of a viral infection. Most of these infections begin with a viral infection and end up as a bacterial infection. When you just have all these 3 symptoms in the beginning, you can take a good supportive treatment. Supportive treatment I mean a good hydration, that means to take plenty of oral diet that is water. Take paracetamols for fever and take antihistamine for cold, that is cetirizine, levocetrizine. Also your body will demand for a lot of rest in viral infection. If with all these things, if you are not improving, then you are having bacterial infection. Then you have to visit your doctor for which he will prescribe an anti-bacterial course, the other things also which you can follow is take salt water gargling and steam inhalation. Avoid refrigerated food and fried items.
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How To Remove Skin Tags Fast – Top 5 Ways

In this video I will share with you the remedy I personally used to remove my skin tags as well as 5 remedies to remove skin tags easily at home 🙂

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I’m sharing with you the top 5 ways to remove skin tags quickly and easily at home, as well as the method I have found to be the best way to get rid of them.

We all know skin tags are very annoying and want to get rid of them quickly, easily and safely. My 5 ways will help you to remove skin tags fast.

Got unsightly skin tags and want to get rid of them fast? My top 5 tips are sure to help you.

To get rid of skin tags quickly try these home remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar: http://amzn.to/2EWrZuL
Tea Tree Essential Oil: http://amzn.to/2nTMWPq
Baking Soda: http://amzn.to/2nZk1IZ
Castor Oil: http://amzn.to/2stNP6j

Get rid of skin tags fast. Get rid of skin tags in 24 hours. Get rid of skin tags without a doctor.

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5 Tricky Ways to Get Rid Of Hickeys You Should Know About!

5 Tricky Ways to Get Rid Of Hickeys You Should Know About!

5 Tricky Ways to Get Rid Of Hickeys You Should Know About!

You can easily get rid of your hickeys applying some easy tricks. Here are some quick and effective natural remedies for hickeys that will protect you from infections and help to neutralize the Hickey pain. You can visit our web page to know 25 super tips on how to get rid of hickeys: http://www.healthbeautyaid.com/how-to-get-rid-of-hickeys-best-ways-you-must-follow/

1. Get a Cold Compress.

Cold compress is the popular way to treat hickeys. Take a wet spoon and put it in the freezer for half an hour. Once it is cold enough, take it and rub it over the hickey area. It reduces swelling instantly. Cold compress breaks the clotted blood around the hickeys and increases circulation.

2. Aloe Vera Extract.

Aloe Vera extract is the popular natural moisturizer. Just get some Aloe extract or gel and apply directly over the hickey area. Leave it for a few minutes. Aloe reduces the sensitivity of the hickey.

3. Take a Warm Compress.

If your hickey last 3 to 4 days you should take warm compress to moderate the severity. It’s pretty easy to apply a warm compress. You need a washcloth and hot water. Now, saturate the washcloth in the hot water and apply in the hickey. Hold it until cloth stay warm. Then reheat the cloth and apply in the same process for several times.

4. Get a Gentle Finger Massage.

When hickey gets older you should take a massage daily. Just use a fair of your finger and massage slowly for a few minutes. Finger massage increases blood circulation in the hickey area. Take finger massage at least twice a day to get rid of a hickey.

5. Get a Toothbrush Comb.

Take a soft toothbrush and comb throughout the area gently. Give pressure that you can tolerate. After combing, take gentle cold compress using an old spoon method or wrap a few ice cubes in a soft cloth.

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Foot Cramps: Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Cramps in Foot and Toe

Source: https://www.epainassist.com

Foot cramps or toe cramps is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles of

the foot resulting in excruciating pain with inability to move the foot. Know the causes and ways to get rid of cramps in the foot.

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5 Best Working Ways to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles! – RyanWildlife

Welcome to another video on RyanWildlife or Ryan’s Learning Channel. Here we will be learning about Japanese Beetles. Also, if you’ve had an experience related to Japanese Beetles, put it in the comments below and I may feature you in another episode.

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