Threadworms – what they are and how to get rid of them

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Our clinical consultant Dr Sarah Jarvis talks threadworms – what the common signs and symptoms are and treatment options.
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20 thoughts on “Threadworms – what they are and how to get rid of them

  1. I completely hate these fucks, it’s midnight right now and my butthole would feel less itchy if it was on fire with a bunch of needles stuck in my ass.

  2. I AM CRYING THEY HURT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    (Am a child thats 7)

  3. well what about those who are adults and have got them and are in freezing temperatures a valley town in Melbourne thats always raining and end up in inhaling them ive seen a video of them getting into the appendix if their inhaled how do you treat those thread worms when they hatch where do they go from they're. Doctors don't take this seriously where am i to go what am i too do if my housemates think im a hypochondriac and this has been a re-occuring problem since i was eight years old 21 and locals doctors just say take a fecal matter test well i haven't taken a shit for 17 days after using cloroxl laxative and the first dose of combantrin 24 and they don't seem to understand that a tape test kit is required for examination at my currents stage someone please help any information would be great after all i cannot trust the internet about this

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